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One-click product data synchronization with Microsoft Merchant Center fast tracking your road to success.

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Singular Commitment To Shopify

• We are devoted to providing Shopify Merchants with a positive and seamless product feed management experience. Our AI feed app is also equipped with features catering to Shopify Plus merchants' unique needs. 

• We have tunnel vision for Shopify, we stay at the forefront of the platforms development and changes with a keen eye. AdNabu is continually evolving in line with the latest E-commerce and Shopify advancements, ensuring quick adaptability and allowing you to remain ahead of the competition. 

• Why go through the hassle of creating additional feeds on another platform? Our app simplifies managing and syncing accurate product information with Microsoft Merchant Center. Create profitable Bing product ads in mere minutes!

Maximize Your Store’s Market Presence

• One feed, multiple marketplaces! Leverage AdNabu functionalities to simultaneously update product information across numerous customer-favorite marketplaces, including Bing—eliminating the need to man several feeds.

• With our multi-language and multi-currency support, your Shopify store can reach global heights, crossing borders to connect with customers in every part of the world.

Create Factually Accurate Bing Product Ads and Microsoft Shopping Campaigns

• Bulk edit multiple issues or product attributes in your Bing feed with a single click. Streamline ad creation while minimizing errors and generating a flawless product feed.

• Retain sole control over the changes applied to your product feed(s). Any modifications undertaken are done through your explicit approval. The integrity of your product information on Microsoft Merchant Center is always maintained.

• Error-free data synchronization backed by trained algorithms that have in-depth knowledge of the standards and requirements of a successful Bing product feed.

24/7 Priority Customer Support Backed By Certified Instagram Experts

• Access reliable and knowledgeable customer support staffed by certified professionals well-versed in Microsoft Shopping Campaigns and Bing Product Ads. Receive immediate attention to your queries and concerns from specialists that have experience with multiple diverse accounts.

• Enjoy 24/7 support availability, ensuring swift and effective resolutions for any challenges or inquiries regarding your Bing feeds. Our dedicated team is committed to timely solutions, keeping your campaigns on track.

• Get support and recommendations for your ad campaigns customized to your business's specific size, goals, and budget.

• Access comprehensive how-to guides and other valuable online resources to enhance your understanding and mastery of the Microsoft Shopping Campaign landscape!

Speed Up With Advertising Efforts or Bing With AdNabu

• Optimize product listings with AI-based suggestions and keyword recommendations tailored for Bing feeds. Target ideal audiences, increase engagement, and boost conversion rates.

• Data is king! Use product scoring to assess whether the data entered fulfills Bing's requirements and identify areas of improvement in your product listings. Improve your ad visibility and shopping campaign performance.

• Manage and update product data in multiple languages. Provide accurate and localized product information to Bing users worldwide. Enhance shopping experience, customer satisfaction, and conversion rates.

• Increase your productivity with our AI-powered product attribute auto-filer. Save yourself the mental effort and time-consuming manual entry process as this smart feature automatically simplifies your process, saving you valuable time.

Happy Customers

See why our customers love us.

So far the app has been incredible easy to setup and customer service superb. This will make so much difference to our advertising abroad!
What an amazing team of people at this company. It seems as if there are around 24/7 for support! Great app, great support, and great documentation which helps a lot.
The Absolute Best! They went above and beyond to get my product listed and running on Google. I have tried for years and no one could help me, until I got the Adnabu app!
I've been using the app for a while now and I still love its simplicity. Thanks to the app, I was able to get all my products approved. The app saved me a lot of time and, above all, nerves. Really nice job!
Great App! Able to change title listing is a major plus to help with SEO on Google Shopping, much better than the native shopify integration!
We used the Nabu app to make bulk corrections to apparel product variants which had previously been tedious to correct in GMC.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have an extensive catalog. Is there any limit on the number of products in my store?
Our app does not put a limit to the number of products you can add to the feed file–however, Microsoft Merchant Center does have a 3GB limit for FTP and URL download options.
Why should I use an app for my Bing feed?
A product feed has dozens of mandatory fields on products, like price, image, description, product URL, and currency—our app will help you upload these and notify you if any error requires your attention. The app guarantees that no error is pushed to Microsoft Merchant Center and creates a file that meets all of its requirements. The app will help you automate your tasks.
Does the app include shipping settings in the feed file?
Shopping information is only required if your target countries are Austria and Germany. Our app sends shipping information (as customized by you) in the feed file. We do not add carrier shipping rates, only customer-based shipping rates are included.
Does it cost anything to advertise on Bing (Microsoft Advertising)?
Advertising on Bing is similar to advertising on Google Merchant Center. If you wish to advertise on Bing, you need to set a Total marketing budget. You can read more about it here.

Microsoft Advertising allows you to advertise your products for free on Bing Shopping Tab. In order to get free product listings, you must have your products approved by Mircosoft Merchant Center. 

To get your products approved, ensure you have filled in all mandatory fields and are not violating any policies. The app guarantees that no error is pushed to Microsoft Merchant Center and creates a file that meets all of its requirements. The app will help you automate your tasks.
Can product variants be included in the feed?
Yes, the product variants, such as different sizes, colors, and more, can be included in the feed. It is important to use unique product identifiers for each variant.
What if my Bing feed has errors or issues?
The data we sent to Microsoft Merchant Center doesn’t contain any errors. You must check your feed in the Microsoft Merchant Center account to see if your feed has errors or issues. Here is how to create a Microsoft Merchant Center Feed.
Can the Bing shopping feed automatically get updated?
No, Our app does not link with the Microsoft Merchant Center–however, you can generate a unique 'Data Feed URL' offered by our app can help you upload data directly to the Microsoft Merchant Center

It is recommended that you update your file daily. If you cannot, please update your file once a month since all updated catalogs will expire after 30 days. To do this, go to your Microsoft Merchant Center account and click Tools. Under tools, you can navigate to Merchant Center and click on Feeds.

You can select the type of update and set a schedule according to your preferences. 
Does the app support Shopify Markets?
Yes, AdNabu’s Feed App supports Shopify markets and showcases accurately priced product listings in local currencies. Our app does not link with Microsoft Merchant Center, however, a 'Localised Data Feed URL' offered by our app can help you upload language and country-specific feed data directly.
Does the app support Metafields for Bing?
Yes. The app supports metafields. The metafields used for your Google Shopping feed can also be used for your Bing feed. You can also add custom metafields for your products within Shopify Admin. You can enable it by going to the app and clicking on Settings. Once you’re there, you can click on Metafields, and then you can select Enable Metafields to add metafields to your feed file.

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