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Geographic and Linguistic
Specific Solutions

Unlimited Keyword Suggestions
From Google Ads

Increase Conversions With High-Volume Keywords

Create highly engaging ads with profitable keywords to boost ad performance and accelerate customer acquisition. Always stay ahead of your competitors by enjoying improved ranking and visibility.

Precision Targeting With Long-Tail Keywords

Improve the relevance and visibility of your Google Shopping Ads with long-tail keywords that accurately match your target audience's search query—a cost-effective method of attracting ideal customers.

Go Global With Multilingual Ads

From Paris to Tokyo, connect with customers in their native language through multilingual ads. Create ads that resonate from keyword suggestions in over 30+ supported languages. Scale your business and drive global success.

Keywords On Autopilot

Automate keyword research for 1000s of products and achieve higher search engine rankings seamlessly. Streamline your workload and dedicate more attention to essential tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How accurate are the keyword suggestions?
We provide keyword suggestions directly from Google Keyword Planner, an excellent keyword research tool trusted by millions of marketers worldwide.
Are there any additional costs or fees associated with using the Google Keyword Planner integration?
No, it is included in AdNabu.
Is there any limit to the uses?
No, you can use this feature an unlimited number of times.
How many languages are supported for keyword suggestions?
We support over 30+ languages.
How many suggestions will each product get?
Typically each product gets the top 10 keywords.
Are the keyword suggestions only for product titles?
No, we suggest keywords based on your URL. The keyword recommendations are typically displayed in the product titles section but can be used in descriptions and product details/highlights too.
Are the keyword suggestions the same for all the products or different for each?
They are different for products. However, you might notice some similarities in the suggestions for product variants.
Can I add my keywords to the suggested list?
No, you can’t.
Are search volumes and competitors considered when suggesting keywords?
No, competition is not considered. However, high-volume relevant keywords are always suggested.

Elevate Your Sales Game With A Multichannel Marketing Approach

AdNabu is custom-built for Shopify Merchants and supports Facebook Feed, Facebook Channel, Instagram Shopping, Microsoft Bing Shopping, TikTok Feed, Pinterest Feed, and Snapchat Feed. Reach multiple potential customers from one dashboard.