Get the most out of Multi-Currency Feeds

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Supports 90+ currencies

The most reliable, accurate, and up-to-date multi-currency feeds for your Shopify. Update as many currencies as you need to view & convert them on the go.

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Supports dynamic rates

Change currencies in seconds and get more sales! You don't have to worry about exchange rates or updating manually. Plus, our app is designed to be quick, so you can quickly update your prices with a single click.

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Supports fixed rates

Convert currency for the latest rates with the most accurate data and more. The best thing about Multi-Currency is that it auto-updates the currency rates.

See why to use Multi-Currency Feeds

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Boosts annual revenue

First, you need to reach a more significant customer to boost annual revenue. It would be best if you explored your business to increase your Shopify sales, and supporting more currency will boost your sales.

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Sell in diffrent countries in local currencies

If you have a product that sells in Euros and not dollars, then you're losing out on a potential customer base. So why loose any customer because of multi-currency feed support issue?

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Increase audience base

Having this feature also provides the customer with a comfortable shopping experience. This allows you to sell at an international level and increase your audience base.

Increase your buyers with multi-currency feature

Now easily sell to more customers and increase sale by scaling your business to many countries. Update as many currencies as you need to view & convert them on the go.

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