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Edit With Precision Using
20+ Diverse Filters

Apply Changes Across Various
Countries & Languages

Right Your Wrongs!

Resolve product-related issues and accelerate the approval process for your products. Filter, edit, and update products incurring issues within minutes, ensuring their full compliance with the guidelines of Google Merchant Center.

Fast Track Your Road To Success

Why limit yourself? Send higher quality data to Google Merchant Center for multiple products with a few clicks. Conveniently improve ad performance by mass-adding detailed product attributes to variants–enabling you to create comprehensive ads.

Master The Art Of Saving Time

Making multiple changes has never been easier. Just select, filter, edit, and hit enter! Save time and focus on what matters.

Decrease Chances Of Product Disapproval

The slightest oversight can lead to product disapprovals! Detect and rectify such issues prior to submitting products to Google Merchant Center, creating a clear obstacle-free path to run your ad campaigns.

We used the Nabu app to make bulk corrections to apparel product variants which had previously been tedious to correct in GMC. It was nice to find such a useful tool to solve our problems. We found support to be quick and helpful with our issues. We'll keep this app for sure!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What changes can I make using the bulk edit feature?
Using the bulk edit functionality, you can mass edit 50+ product attributes like age group, material, size, color, etc.
Can I undo the changes I made using bulk edit?
The undo button is currently not available for bulk editing. You will need to re-edit the changes you wish to undo manually.
How do the modifications I made to my product feed manifest across various marketplaces?
As you make edits to your product feed, all changes are stored in our database. Subsequently, when generating product feed URLs for different marketplaces, the edited versions of the products are incorporated into those URLs (generate update URL). This allows you to utilize the respective URLs for other marketplaces accordingly.

(Please note once you use a data feed URL on other marketplaces, edits made on AdNabu will not reflect. It is best to schedule a URL renewal as per your timeframe of choice.)
How long does it typically take for the changes to be reflected in my product feed?
The changes implemented are updated and reflected instantly on the AdNabu app. If you have the Advanced or Plus plan, the changes are reflected instantly on your product feed and pushed to Google Merchant Center *(ensure you have selected this option in the settings tab).

If you are on the Basic or Starter plan (or lower), your product feed is updated automatically once a day, i.e., the changes will reflect on Google Merchant Center after a few hours. If you want to push the changes instantly, simply click on the “Update Feed” button.
Is there any further action required after editing values through bulk editing?
No, there is no further action required. However, if you want to instantly update your product feed, then click on the “Update Feed” button.

(Please note, instant feed updates are only available for Advanced plan and above users, provided they have enabled that option.)

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