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Add/Edit/Delete product attributes.

Google and other marketing channels need you to send data not present in Shopify. You can add attributes like color, material, pattern, and size across many products and variants in one go. You can even make changes to many product attributes at once.

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More than 20 filters

More than 20+ filters are available for you to narrow down your choices. You can use our filters if you need to add or edit all products or variants in a specific collection or product type. The filters also include specific errors from the Google Merchant center.

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Bulk edit across countries and languages

If you are advertising in various countries and languages, you can make changes all in one go. These can include fields that are not translatable, including custom labels, sizes, etc. We can also help you make titles or other changes in a specific language across many countries.

Fix Google Merchant Center issues like a pro

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Add missing data

Attributes like age group, material, size, color, etc., are critical to apparel products. Your products can get disapproved by Google if they miss essential attributes. You can fix these issues faster with our bulk edit functionality.

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Correct mistakes

Google can disapprove your products if you are sending the wrong information. You can filter and fix all products or variants affected by these issues. If your products have critical issues like missing images or prices, we will not even push these changes to Google.

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Improve performance

You can get better results from your ads if you send higher-quality data to Google. Most advertisers only send the least required data to Google Merchant Center. You can send similar data to many products & improve your ad performance with Bulk Edit.

We used the Nabu app to make bulk corrections to apparel product variants which had previously been tedious to correct in GMC. It was nice to find such a useful tool to solve our problems. We found support to be quick and helpful with our issues. We'll keep this app for sure!

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Increase sales from all your marketing channels

When you use Bulk Edit to change products, the changes are available in all your channels. We support many channels, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, Bing, Pinterest, etc. Our app is custom-built for Shopify, and we make sure we adopt all new features by Shopify. We support Shopify markets, multi-language and multi-currency feeds, product taxonomy & more. Increase your ad performance with our unique features like instant product updates, keyword suggestions & metafield customization. Our customers rate us high on ease of use and speed. If you are a growing Shopify or Shopify Plus store and want new customers, start a trial with us today.

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