One-Click Product Review Integration With Loox

Master the art of persuasion with a timeless sales tactic: authentic customer feedback. Display verified customer reviews from Loox and directly showcase them on your Google Shopping Ads with product review integration.

What Does It Do?

Here are some popular ways to use this integration.

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Smooth Integration

One click here, one click there, and you have it! Integrate product review apps swiftly and get the ball rolling!

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Increase Credibility Step By Step

Verified reviews pave the way for brand trust and customer loyalty, which translate into a winning component: increased credibility.

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Influence Purchase Decisions

Become an integral part of customers’ buying journey—compelling them towards confident purchases while your business sees a boom in limitless conversions!

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No Technical Know-How Required

No complex coding or technical proficiency required to set up—our expert team has you covered. Focus on your online business while we help you set up seamlessly.

Loox Integration

Drive Purchasing Decisions!

Display your verified reviews on your Google Shopping Ads with simple integration that influence purchasing decisions.

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Social Proof Your Store!

Social proof is one of the building blocks of society! Harness the power of social proof by displaying verified product reviews, propelling prospective customers to make purchases. Influence their purchasing decisions with a simple review. Increase product credibility and customer confidence simultaneously. Watch your potential customers turn into regulars for your store!

Simplified Integration Process

Let AdNabu do the heavy lifting for you. Our experienced tech professionals have designed our app to ensure smooth integration. A highly rated support team is available around the clock if you encounter any issues. Simply sit back and watch your store grow.

Drive Conversions With Verified Reviews

Let verified reviews pave the way for continued success! Build positive relationships with prospects that showcase your trustworthiness as a brand with verified reviews. Increase chances of conversions by showcasing the satisfaction your products bring to your customers.

Run Ad Campaigns Efficiently

Displaying reviews manually on your Google Shopping Ads is time-consuming and prone to errors. Let us help you increase your efficiency and productivity by easily integrating with AdNabu. Generate well-rounded product feeds that are error-free, AI-optimized, and complete with product reviews—creating the ultimate Google Shopping experience!

Happy Customers

See why our customers love us.

So far the app has been incredible easy to setup and customer service superb. This will make so much difference to our advertising abroad!
What an amazing team of people at this company. It seems as if there are around 24/7 for support! Great app, great support, and great documentation which helps a lot.
The Absolute Best! They went above and beyond to get my product listed and running on Google. I have tried for years and no one could help me, until I got the Adnabu app!
I've been using the app for a while now and I still love its simplicity. Thanks to the app, I was able to get all my products approved. The app saved me a lot of time and, above all, nerves. Really nice job!
Great App! Able to change title listing is a major plus to help with SEO on Google Shopping, much better than the native shopify integration!
We used the Nabu app to make bulk corrections to apparel product variants which had previously been tedious to correct in GMC.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Genuine Customer Experiences: Your Best Sales Tactic

Seamless integration, verified reviews, and endless sales—the only three elements for driving guaranteed sales for your Shopify store.