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Google Ads Software Built for E-commerce

E-commerce Businesses use AdNabu to power their Google Ads Campaigns. Our software enables our customers to increase their sales and reduce their cost of sale.

Huge Inventory

Running ads for thousands of products is difficult and time-consuming. We help you run ads for all your products and identify the best-performing ones.

Targeted Ads

An ever-changing catalog, deals and sale seasons require a continuous update in your targeting & ads. AdNabu sets this automatically for you

Continuous Syncing

Optimizing campaigns when your products are constantly changing is a herculean task. AdNabu tracks all these changes and incorporates them in optimization of bids & ads.

Google Ads Software Trusted by 4000+ E-commerce Businesses

AdNabu Customers

How AdNabu works?

Being Google Ads experts, we understand how each feature in Google Ads can be used to its full potential for each of our customer.

Launch Shopping

Connect your merchant center and create a shopping campaign through AdNabu. Our campaigns will help you identify & optimize the best performing products, categories, brands as well as searches.

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Launch Search

Using your shopping campaigns data, create search campaigns automatically for best performing products, searches and categories. This will enable you to run more targeted ads leading to better conversion rate.

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Continuous Optimization

AdNabu automatically adjusts the bids and identifies new opportunities for your campaigns. We will maximize your sales while keeping your costs low.

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