Get the most out of Multi-Language Feeds

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Reach a wider audience

Expand your reach to a global audience with data you already have. The best Shopify stores have already translated their stores into many languages. Out of five billion monthly active users, only two billion use English as their language. With AdNabu, you can send translated data to Google and other channels.

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Improve your conversion rate

According to a study by CSA Research, offering content in just one more language can increase engagement and revenue by 25%. By providing your store in multiple languages, you can attract customers who prefer to shop in their native language. Increase your store's conversion rate with AdNabu.

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Ensure product approval

Our app ensures we send the most accurate data to Google and other channels. Submitting incorrect data to Google can result in product disapprovals and account suspension. We have experience in getting products approved by Google & other channels. We also ensure that your customers land on your translated listing after clicking on your ad.

See why to use Multi-Language Feeds

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Compatibility with all translation apps

Many translation apps are available in Shopify, ranging from free to paid. Our app works with all translation apps. We provide you with flexibility in choosing the app that suits your needs.

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Support for over 30 languages

Target your customers wherever they are and whatever language they speak. We currently support over 30 languages in Google Shopping and other channels. We plan to add more as they become available.

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Multi-channel support

Every channel has its own rules and requirements. We understand this and can help you send the correct language to the appropriate country. For example, while Google allows you to advertise in any language in any country, Bing does not. We ensure we send your translated data to the correct channels and countries.

Great app, working perfectly with multiligual website, creating product feed in language you want, and great customer sevice. Thank you!



Supports translation apps like

Increase sales from all your marketing channels.

Multi-language feed is not limited to Google Shopping. We support many channels, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Bing, Pinterest, etc. Our app is custom-built for Shopify, and we make sure we adopt all new features by Shopify. We support Shopify markets, multi-currency feed, bulk edit, product taxonomy & more. Increase your ad performance with our unique features like instant product updates, keyword suggestions & metafield customization. Our customers rate us high on ease of use and speed. If you are a growing Shopify or Shopify Plus store and want new customers, start a trial with us today.

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