Get the most out of Multi-Language Feeds

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Supports 30+ languages

Easily manage your Feeds in 30 + languages on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Bing for Shopify users.

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Supports all translation apps

Simplify your workflow and get the most out of translation apps like T lab, Weglot, Langshop, and more.

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Supports Google merchant center

Create your feed in multiple languages on Google merchant Center and sell it globally worldwide.

See why to use Multi-Language Feeds

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Boost annual revenue

Do you want to expand your customer base? With the help of Multi-language Feeds, you can translate your feed and make it available to a broader audience, which means more visitors and a higher conversion rate.

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Sell in local languages

Do you have a Shopify store that needs to sell in multiple languages? With Multi-Language Feeds, you can offer your products in various languages. This feature makes it easy for anyone, anywhere, to buy your product.

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Increase audience base

Having this feature also provides the customer with a comfortable shopping experience. This allows you to sell at an international level and increase your audience base.

Great app, working perfectly with multiligual website, creating product feed in language you want, and great customer sevice. Thank you!



Supports translation apps like

Increase audience with Multi-language feature

Translate your Feed, make it available to a broader audience, and quickly sell in multiple languages with our 30+ languages supporting app.

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