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Inclusive Of All 30+ Google Merchant Center
Supported Languages

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Translation Apps

Globalize Your Reach

A world of potential customers awaits! Broaden your online store’s reach to every hemisphere—the sky’s the limit! Connect with them through localized ads in their native language and simply create multilingual product feeds.

Convert More!

Everyone’s doing it, going global! Jump on the bandwagon, and reach customers that seek your products worldwide! Capture the attention of a diverse range of customers by creating linguistically relevant ads that resonate and drive clicks.

Ensure Product Approvals

Product approvals have never been easier! Each listing undergoes meticulous data review before being submitted to Google Merchant Center and other channels, ensuring an error-free process. Run ad campaigns without a hitch, directing potential customers to translated listings and designated landing pages.

Indulge In Multi-Channel Marketing

Creating multi-channel feeds is a demanding and complex task! The countless feed rules and settings to configure—where does it end? We auto-configure the myriad of complexities involved in creating multi-channel and multilingual product feeds so you can focus on scaling your business to profitable levels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What languages are supported by the multilanguage feature?
We support all 30 of the languages supported by Google Merchant Center. When more languages are available, we will add them to our app.
What if I create a feed for a language/country that is not supported by Google Merchant Center or other marketplaces?
You should check the specific requirements and limitations of each marketplace before creating a feed.
What languages are not supported by Google Merchant Center?
The supported languages are: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese*, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Modern Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

Any languages not listed here are not supported.
Do you translate our data in Shopify?
No, we don’t translate your product feed or your Shopify Store; there are various translation apps available on the Shopify app store for that. AdNabu sends translated feed data across Google Merchant Center and other marketplaces.
How do I create and manage translations for my product data/Shopify Store? Does AdNabu help with this?
You can create and manage translated versions of your product data and Shopify store using the wide selection of translation apps available on the Shopify app store. AdNabu reads your translated data and pushes the corresponding feed to Google Merchant Center.

For Example: If you have created a feed for Spain and added Spanish as a language, you will have to get the translation data for the feed to be pushed to Google Merchant Center.
Which translation apps does AdNabu support?
We support all the translation apps listed on the Shopify app store—some of them include Weglot, Langshop, T Lab, Transcy, and more.
How much time will it take to create a multi-language feed?
Creating a multilanguage feed takes less than 15 minutes–the first step is to enable multi-language feed mapping on AdNabu by navigating to the settings tab. Please follow the steps mentioned in this help article on how to create a multi-language feed.

Great app, working perfectly with multiligual website, creating product feed in language you want, and great customer sevice. Thank you!



Supports translation apps like

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