The smartest Shopify stores are sending their Metafields to Google Shopping with AdNabu.

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Setup in a few minutes

Mapping Metafield data from Shopify to Google Shopping takes only a few minutes. Once you give us the details of the metafield (namespace and key), we will download all data from Shopify. You can map this data to any supported product attribute in Google Shopping. You can avoid countless hours of copying time with a few clicks.

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Supports all metafield types

We support all metafield types, including text, multi-line text, numbers, JSON, money, and more. We also verify the data you send to Google adheres to their policy and guidelines. We do not update data if there is an error in the metafield data. This ensures your products are always in the approved stage in Google Shopping.

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Supports all metafield apps

We are app-agnostic. We work with all metafield apps, including Shopify, Hextom, Helium, Metafields Guru, etc. Since Shopify stores metafields on its servers, we can read the data created or updated by any metafield app. We only need the namespace and key to get started.

Send your Metafield data to Google Shopping in an instant.

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Send optional attributes

Success in Google Shopping depends on how much more data and context you can provide about your products to your customers. Stay ahead of your competition by sending optional attributes like Product highlights, Product details, etc. Metafields is an easy way to add extra information to Google Shopping.

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Override existing data

Store owners optimize product titles and descriptions for conversion in their stores. These titles and descriptions might not be the best for Google Shopping. Using metafield integration, override the default values with your custom data. If a metafield is missing, we will use the original data.

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Comply with local regulations

Some countries consider attributes like Unit Pricing Measure and Unit Pricing Base Measure as required fields. Without these attributes, Google will disapprove products in Google Shopping. Fix and prevent these issues with AdNabu's metafield integration. We have expertise in fixing these issues for hundreds of Shopify stores.

Supports all metafield apps in Shopify

Increase sales from all your marketing channels

Changing your product data with Shopify metafields can help you increase sales from all marketing channels. We support many channels, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, Bing, Pinterest, etc. Our app is custom-built for Shopify, and we make sure we adopt all new features by Shopify. We support Shopify markets, multi-language and multi-currency feeds, product taxonomy & more. Increase your ad performance with our unique features like instant product updates, Bulk Edit & keyword suggestions. Our customers rate us high on ease of use and speed. If you are a growing Shopify or Shopify Plus store and want new customers, start a trial with us today.

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