Improve visibility and click-through rates by as much as 30%

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SEO-Optimized Product Titles

AdNabu's AI generates SEO-optimized product titles. These titles can help improve the ranking of your products in search results. The product title is a crucial factor in search engine rankings. A longer and data-rich title can increase the reach of your products.

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Creative writing can be a time-consuming task. With AdNabu's app, you can save time and generate good ideas for product titles. You can always customize them to your liking afterward.

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Accurate Data

Our app ensures that it only suggests data from your store and landing page. We ensure that the product titles are accurate and relevant. We even factor in subtle changes, including variants, while suggesting titles.

Powerful AI language models for product feed optimization

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Multi-Lingual Support:

We support multi-lingual Shopify stores & can generate product titles in all languages. We also take extra care to include regional variations in languages.

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Powered by ChatGPT

We use OpenAI's language models, the same models powering ChatGPT. These models ensure we generate product titles using the latest AI technology.

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Professional Product Titles

We have configured our language models to suggest professional product titles. Professional titles can help improve the user experience and increase your credibility.

Increase sales from all your marketing channels

An optimized product feed ensures that you thrive across all marketing channels. We support many channels, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Bing, Pinterest, etc. Our app is custom-built for Shopify, and we make sure we adopt all new features by Shopify. We support Shopify markets, multi-language & multi-currency feed, bulk edit, product taxonomy & more. Increase your ad performance with our unique features like instant product updates, keyword suggestions & metafield customization. Our customers rate us high on ease of use and speed. If you are a growing Shopify or Shopify Plus store and want new customers, start a trial with us today.

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