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Pinterest: Where Ads Inspire Purchases!

Get the best of both worlds, display ads to users actively searching for your products and those passively browsing through Pinterest Ads.

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Custom-Built For The Shopify Ecosystem

• Our exclusive focus on Shopify enables merchants to always stay ahead of the game as we keep a keen eye on the latest developments and advancements of the platform.

• A Shopify Plus merchant? You’re in luck, the very backbone of our app was built to support the needs of high-traffic Shopify Plus stores!

• Instant sync between Shopify and Pinterest Business Hub generating a data feed URL in seconds aligned with the specifications of Pinterest—automatically get a ready-to-use feed.

Amplify The Reach Of Your Store With Multiple Marketplaces

• Manage, optimize, and sync your product feeds with AI-powered features to create captivating product presentations for high-converting Pinterest Ads.

• With just a few clicks, update product information across multiple marketplaces, including Pinterest. Say goodbye to manual updates and enjoy automation.

• Expand globally with confidence using our robust multi-language and multi-currency support. Create ads in local languages and currencies to connect with customers from diverse backgrounds. AdNabu opens doors to new markets, driving exponential growth opportunities.

Drive Conversions From Inspired And Curious Potential Customers

• Select, edit, and save multiple changes in your with just a few clicks with our bulk editing feature—nothing can slow you down from generating high ROAS!

• Maintain control over feed changes, we value your authority in assuring merchants that product information on Pinterest only occurs with your consent.

• Achieve consistency in product data across all Pinterest feeds. Our tool ensures uniformity, transmitting consistent information to multiple products. Deliver a seamless shopping experience, building trust and engagement with customers.

Get Instant & Reliable Customer Support From Certified Experts

• 24/7 around the clock availability, ensuring timely and satisfactory resolutions.

• A team of professionals with certifications in Pinterest marketing—equipping merchants with a wealth of knowledge to create successful campaigns.

• Tailored customized advice to your business size, goals, and budget from seasoned executives with experience managing diverse accounts.

Reach More Customers With Powerful Pinterest Catalogs

• Sell on Pinterest in minutes with simplified and enhanced catalogs generated by our all-in-one platform.

• Optimize product listings with AI-powered insights for skyrocketing conversion rates!

• Ensure quality and precision with product scoring creating robust product catalogs allowing your ads to perform better.

• Manage multi-language and multi-currency catalogs to venture into global markets.

• Get top keyword suggestions for boosted visibility—improve Click Through Rates and Ad Impressions.

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So far the app has been incredible easy to setup and customer service superb. This will make so much difference to our advertising abroad!
What an amazing team of people at this company. It seems as if there are around 24/7 for support! Great app, great support, and great documentation which helps a lot.
The Absolute Best! They went above and beyond to get my product listed and running on Google. I have tried for years and no one could help me, until I got the Adnabu app!
I've been using the app for a while now and I still love its simplicity. Thanks to the app, I was able to get all my products approved. The app saved me a lot of time and, above all, nerves. Really nice job!
Great App! Able to change title listing is a major plus to help with SEO on Google Shopping, much better than the native shopify integration!
We used the Nabu app to make bulk corrections to apparel product variants which had previously been tedious to correct in GMC.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have an extensive catalog. Is there any limit on the number of products in my store?
Our app has no limits on the number of products in the feed file. However, Pinterest Business Hub imposes a limit of a maximum of 20 Million products in each feed file.
Why should I use an app for my Pinterest feed?
AdNabu is the smartest way to optimize your product feed(s) and reduce the effort of manually creating and pushing each feed. 

The app creates a ready-to-upload feed for your multichannel marketing preferences. 

Based on the policies of Pinterest Business Hub, a product data feed must contain dozens of mandatory fields on products, like price, image, description, product URL, and currency. The app guarantees no errors and creates a file that meets all requirements (as per Pinterest Business Hub). 

The app will help you automate your tasks without hassle.
Do I need a Pinterest account to advertise on Pinterest?
No, it is not necessary for you to have a Pinterest account. However, you will require a Pinterest Business account in order to advertise your products. 

If you have a preexisting personal Pinterest account, you can convert it to a Pinterest business account. You can also create a new business account and link it to your personal account.
Can I include product variants in the feed?
You can include product variants such as different sizes or colors in the feed using unique product identifiers for each variant.
What if my Pinterest feed has errors or issues?
The data we sent to Pinterest doesn’t contain any errors. You must check your feed from the Pinterest Business account to see if your feed has errors or issues. Here is how to create the Pinterest feed.
Are the changes done on Shopify automatically updated to my Pinterest feed? If not, how to update them?
No, AdNabu’s feed app is not synced with your Pinterest Business Hub. The app will provide you with a unique URL that contains a product feed that can be added to your Pinterest Business Hub account under the Catalogs tab. 

There are several ways to keep your feed updated in Pinterest Business Hub. While you upload your feed, you can set an hourly or daily schedule to update any changes made to your feed file. 

You can also manually make changes to your Pinterest Feed. 
Does the app support Shopify Markets?
Yes, AdNabu’s Feed App supports Shopify markets and showcases accurately priced product listings in local currencies. 

Our app does not link with the Pinterest Business Hub. However, you can generate a 'Data Feed URL' offered by our app can help you upload data directly to the Pinterest Business Hub.  

Within the app, go to Marketplaces and select Pinterest Marketplace. Here you will find all the necessary information required. You can curate UTM parameters and select your preferred language and region. 

In case you require further guidance, please reach out to us!
Does the app support Metafields for Pinterest?
Yes. The app supports metafields. The metafields used for your Google Shopping feed can also be used for your Pinterest feed.

You can also add custom metafields for your products within Shopify Admin. You can enable it by going to the app and clicking on Settings. Once you're there, you can click on Metafields, and then you can select Enable Metafields to add metafields to your feed file.  

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