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Maximize Ad Impact & Build Trust

Research shows that an impressive 88% of consumers rely on product user reviews when making purchasing decisions. Boost consumer confidence and trust with verified product ratings and drive clicks on your ads.

Turbocharge Your Click-Through Rates!

Motivate your target audience to click on your ads by prominently displaying verified ratings from satisfied customers.

Influence Purchase Decisions

You got the power! Social proof is a key ingredient for marketing. By showcasing reviews, you demonstrate your brand's trustworthiness and the value of your products, powerfully influencing their purchasing decisions.

Gain A Competitive Advantage

Verified customer ratings are the ultimate proof of your trustworthiness. Outshine the competition with comprehensive ads that provide a seal of trust for your potential customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which product review apps does AdNabu support?
We support nearly all product review apps listed on the Shopify app store. Some of the commonly used apps that we support include Judge.me, Yotpo, Loox.io, Stamped.io, Okendo, Automizely, Ferra, etc.
If our platform does not support the product review app you're currently using, simply submit a request to add the app, and our team will prioritize processing it for you.
We value your feedback and are committed to expanding our app compatibility to serve your needs better.
Can I respond to product reviews directly through AdNabu?
AdNabu does not offer the functionality to manage your reviews; we offer a valuable service of pushing reviews to your product feed. This strategic approach ensures that your reviews are seamlessly incorporated into your product listings, elevating their visibility and impact.
How often are the product reviews updated on my feed?
Google individually validates each review once it is sent to Google Merchant Center. This process usually takes about 4 to 5 days. In some cases, it can take up to 14 days too. Once the reviews are approved, they will appear as ratings on your ads.
Can I customize the format and display of the product reviews in my feed?
Google Shopping Ads have a default format and display that cannot be altered. Overall reviews are displayed in numerical values with the five-star review system; if configured, the number of total reviews will be displayed as well (keep in mind only reviews approved will be counted).
Does AdNabu support integration with multiple product review apps?
No, we don’t support the integration of multiple product review apps simultaneously.
Will AdNabu create the product review feed?
AdNabu does not handle the creation of product review feeds. Product review apps typically handle this task.

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