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Affordable & Shopify Centric ChannelAdvisor Alternative

Looking for a pocket-friendly ChannelAdvisor alternative? Check out AdNabu! While ChannelAdvisor has a name of its own and is meant for numerous e-com platforms, it doesn’t have Shopify-centric features. That’s where we come in: AdNabu—a product feed management app catering exclusively to Shopify merchants. See the difference yourself!

AdNabu, The Future Of Your Store: Here’s Why

Built For Shopify

ChannelAdvisor offers a diverse range of services for 100s of e-com platforms. AdNabu proudly holds the ‘Built For Shopify’ status, a testament to our expertise and proficiency concerning all things Shopify! With over 7 years of experience, we understand the unique needs of store owners—molding our finest features to amplify marketing efforts.

Create Error-Free Feeds

We offer automatic error checking for your product feeds so you never face any product disapprovals! If an error pops up, simply bulk edit those products, opt them out, or fix the GTIN-related error(s). If you’re still unclear about your product listing’s quality, our system auto-assigns product scores—we prioritize each product!

24/7 Around-The-Clock Support

ChannelAdvisor’s customer support lacks the live chat feature and has received customer feedback regarding responsiveness and speed. They also lack Shopify expertise. AdNabu is lauded by thousands of customers and Shopify itself for its exceptional customer service, reliability, and wealth of knowledge provided by certified individuals.

Transform Feeds With AI Optimization

ChannelAdvisor’s focus is on generating feeds for loads of platforms, completely neglecting adding value or streamlining efforts. AdNabu is powered by 3.5 GPT Turbo—simply click ‘Ask AdNabu AI’ and watch the magic happen! Product descriptions, titles, highlights, and attributes are all automatically filled! Scale your Shopify store with the click of a button!

Keyword Suggestions

Keywords are the powerhouse of your product listings! ChannelAdvisor does not offer any keyword suggestions, but AdNabu does. Access the top keywords directly sourced from Google Keyword Planner and amp up your ads! Get in front of audiences that are interested in your products and rake in more sales!

Trusted Industry Leader

ChannelAdvisor operates as an independent app outside Shopify, requiring additional setup. AdNabu is a Shopify-exclusive app with a 4.9⭐ rating garnering praise from over 450+ reviews. With our seal of approval materialized through our ‘Built For Shopify’ tag, we have 8k+ active users and 10M+ products updated daily from our app. The numbers speak for themselves!

Transparent & Affordable Pricing

ChannelAdvisor is unsuitable for SMBs or new merchants. If your store has a lot of products, then AdNabu will generate some serious savings! We don’t ask merchants for a % of their revenue, nor do we have any minimum contractual agreements. Our pricing is budget-friendly and transparent, packed with Shopify-based features with an unlimited number of SKUs for all pricing plans.

Customer Favorite Features

AI Optimization
AI Background Optimization
Unlimited Products & Variants
Pricing varies for the number of SKUs included
Product Audits
Custom Feed Editor
Create Custom Labels
Master Feed & Feed Duplication
Missing GTINs
Shopify Markets
Shopify Product Taxonomy
Bulk Edit
Custom Exports For Marketplaces
Keyword Suggestions
Customize With Metafields
Product Review Integrations

Shopify Reviews

Shopify Rating
Shopify Reviews


Response Time
Within 30 Sec
Account Manager Assigned (rated low for responsiveness by many users)
24/7 Support
Live Chat
Free Setup Assistance
Free Onboarding Session

ChannelAdvisor Pricing

Free Trial
Starting Price
Highest Price
£15,000 Per Year (Minimum 1-year contract)

Reviews Comparison

Based on UI, Support, & Users

What Customers Say About Our Customer Support
What Customers Say About
Our UI
What Customers Say About Our Pricing
What an amazing team of people at this company. It seems as if there are around 24/7 for support! Great app, great support, and great documentation which helps a lot.
Great App! Able to change title listing is a major plus to help with SEO on Google Shopping, much better than the native Shopify integration!
This app saves a lot of time when trying to get your products into Google Shopping. I haven't had any sales from Google Shopping yet but this app puts me in a great place for the future!
As an online store owner, I've tried multiple Shopify apps to help me manage my Google Ads campaigns. However, none have been as effective as AD NABU. This app has transformed my Google Ads experience, simplifying the process and delivering outstanding results.
The user interface is incredibly intuitive, making it easy to navigate and manage campaigns, even for someone new to Google Ads. The app takes care of generating the product data feed for Google Merchant Center, ensuring all product details are accurate and up-to-date.

Time spent using app: 3 months

We tried many apps for our Google Shopping Feed either they are too complex or very expensive.
After we installed this AdNabu's shopping feed app, we got excellent service from Priya to setup our GMC also she provided a lot of info which helps us to fix issues ourselves.

Once again, Thank you Priya for your help

Time spent using app: 3 months

ChannelAdvisor Review About Support Team

The sales team sells this software as a quick connection to many brands. However, they have a very limited number of brands and their list often indicates brands they want on the platform but don't actually sell. The product costs a lot of money and there is absolutely no value.

Time spent using app: About 1-2 years (source: Capterra)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I keep in mind when switching to AdNabu from another product feed management platform?
Before you cancel a subscription from a product feed management platform, ensure that you have conducted adequate research on the platform you want to move onto.

Further, you must confirm if the other product feed management platform fulfills all your requirements (such as appropriate pricing with great features, noteworthy customer support, and free trials) and that you can import all your data from your current platform to the platform you want to switch to.

To ease the migration from another product management tool to AdNabu, our highly rated customer support team is available for assistance throughout the process.
How can I import my data from another platform to AdNabu?
Choosing the right platform is essential for the success of your store. Importing data from one platform to another is quite simple. Once you decide to switch to AdNabu, ensure that you’ve disconnected your previous platform from your Google Merchant Center account (This helps you avoid product duplication).

You can then proceed to sign up and install AdNabu on your Shopify store and link it to your Google Merchant Center account. All your data should be synced up and ready to be exported to different marketing channels right away!
Is there any free plan in ChannelAdvisor pricing?
No, ChannelAdvisor does not offer a free plan, a free trial, or a freemium forever plan. It might not be suitable for merchants just starting out or merchants with smaller shops. They also have a minimum fee and charge a percentage of your revenue.
ChannelAdvisor vs. DataFeedWatch, which platform should I choose?
Both apps lack Shopify-specific features since they do not specialize in the platform. Their software is designed with other platforms in mind. Choosing specialized software allows you to experience several additional features with higher compatibility at a lower cost. AdNabu continually updates its features per Shopify’s developments and advancements and has plans suitable for all merchants.
Does ChannelAdvisor provide AI-based product titles, details, and highlights?
No, ChannelAdvisor is limited to generating feeds for their users for multiple platforms.On the other hand, AdNabu uses an AI model powered by GPT 3.5 Turbo, which could help you get faster approvals and boost your sales. It gives you accurate and enhanced results to make your work easier.
I have lots of ratings and reviews. Can I integrate them with ChannelAdvisor?
We are not sure if they offer product review integrations. With Adnabu, you can integrate top product review apps listed on Shopify and proudly display verified reviews to attract more customers.

AdNabu Is One Of The #1 Highest Rated Product Management Tools On Shopify.