Shopify Flow Integration:  Workflows & Automations

Integrate Shopify Flow to automate various aspects of your store management and ad campaigns. Create custom workflows with specific conditions that ‘opt in’ or ‘opt out’ products on your product feed. Set triggers, conditions, and rules and decrease manual inputs.


Automate Various Actions

Products low on stock? Limited discounts? Seasonal products? Automatically set conditions to opt in/out these products on your dashboard.

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Customizable Workflows

Create intricate workflows that keep your ad campaigns running smoothly with updated product information. Handpick various conditions and seamlessly pair them with the corresponding actions. Only display what you want by customizing precise triggers that optimize product visibility, ensuring your ads showcase the right items at the right time.

Amplify Productivity & Strategic Use Of Resources

Reduce manual efforts and resources required for managing and updating product information daily. Streamline your workflow by automating monotonous tasks and efficiently managing and updating your data according to custom-set conditions. Redirect your time and assets to what matters most: the growth of your Shopify store.

Deliver Quality and Surpass Your Competitors

Managing an inventory and keeping all your products up to date is tedious. Allow us to simplify it for you using numbers that can help you gauge the quality of each product. Let these small steps create a huge difference between you and your competitors. Build trust and increase credibility among all your clients.

Maneuver Frauds Like A Pro!

Escape frauds! Work today and establish objectives for potentially fraudulent transactions and avoid issues in the future. Create workflows to automatically opt out any product to safeguard against potential issues. Guard your store against threats with smarter, quicker, and a lot more efficient workflow!

Display Accurate Information

 Inaccurate product information is one of the leading causes of low sales! With automated workflows in the background updating the data displayed on your listings, everything is relevant and updated, thus increasing customer satisfaction. The ultimate benefit: increased conversions. 

Use FOMO to your advantage!

Create urgency amongst customers regarding special editions or low-in-stock items. Since Shopify Flow automatically records inventory changes, and our app can instantly sync your product data with Google Shopping, you can generate rapid sales! Utilize Shopify Flow to trigger urgency alerts like 'Last Chance' for limited stock items or seasonal discounts. Set conditions linked to low inventory levels, swiftly driving sales by notifying customers before items run out!

Happy Customers

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So far the app has been incredible easy to setup and customer service superb. This will make so much difference to our advertising abroad!
What an amazing team of people at this company. It seems as if there are around 24/7 for support! Great app, great support, and great documentation which helps a lot.
The Absolute Best! They went above and beyond to get my product listed and running on Google. I have tried for years and no one could help me, until I got the Adnabu app!
I've been using the app for a while now and I still love its simplicity. Thanks to the app, I was able to get all my products approved. The app saved me a lot of time and, above all, nerves. Really nice job!
Great App! Able to change title listing is a major plus to help with SEO on Google Shopping, much better than the native shopify integration!
We used the Nabu app to make bulk corrections to apparel product variants which had previously been tedious to correct in GMC.

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