Google Merchant Center Feed  Article Collections 




1. How to create the correct Feed for multiple countries?


Selling in multiple countries using Google shopping ads is a very lucrative thing for the merchants since Google shopping has given incredible returns. According to surveys by Search Engine Watch, in the UK 82% of search ad spend comes from Google shopping and in the USA it is about 76.4%.  Your product data feeds live within the Google merchant center feed. The product data feed is a list of all the products that you want to sell and needs to be in a specific format.


2.  How to Troubleshoot your Google merchant center data feed?


Thought you did everything right but you suddenly find that your product feed has been disapproved of by the Google Shopping carousel?  No doubt, using Google Shopping is a smart solution to increase brand visibility, but troubleshooting can be a hassle when things awry.  To make things easy, we’ve gathered the most common issues that Google Merchants come across. Use this handy checklist whenever you encounter trouble, so that you can resolve issues faster.

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3. What are the Requirements to Google merchant center data feed?


Google Merchant feed is where you want to upload product details from Google. This is where Google Shopping and Google's eCommerce assets put up your stuff. Users in Google Shopping Search results see some items and these goods They also appear on Google's key search results pages with organic listings. Google Merchant Center is a platform that lets you upload product lists for Google Store, product ads and google market search. You will need to ensure that your company complies with the Merchant Center google feed guidelines listed here before establishing a Merchant Center account and setting up your product details.

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4. Tips to Optimize Your Google Merchant Center Data Feed


You can now take the help of Google Merchant Center to put your product information on Google and make your products available for Google shopping. Your product data shapes the way your ads behave and function on shopping sites. To make your shopping campaigns successful, you need to provide and maintain high quality, precise and relevant product data, along with optimizing campaigns, bid strategy, and execution.  However, the most significant wins come from optimizing your Google merchant center data feed. Product listing ads on Google shopping provide the best opportunities to reach a greater audience and aim for better targeting.

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5. GTIN in Google Merchant center Feed 


GTIN in Google feed helps to classify your products into different categories which makes the ads richer for display. Since it distinguishes your product from others by this unique property, they also help in matching search queries with what you offer. It is also a handy attribute for making your products easier to find by the users. You cannot enable many shopping features without assigning a GTIN to your product.

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6. MPN in Google Merchant center Feed 


MPN or the Manufacturer Part Number is a unique number issued by manufacturers to each individual product. This number is an identifier and is used to distinguish the product among all other products by the same manufacturer. Moreover, consumers may search the product by its MPN, so providing the necessary number can ensure that your product is displayed in relevant situations.

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7. image_link in Google Merchant center Feed 


The image you choose is what appears on your ad to potential customers. The image_link in google feed is how your image can be identified by Google. The URL for your main product page should be included with the image_link attribute. It’s required to use these attributes for each product. If your product has multiple images, you can submit the main image using image_link and include any other images in the additional_image_link attribute. 

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8. Price in Google Merchant center Feed 


Price is the attribute that tells the audience how much you are charging for the product or service. The information is shown to users in your ads. Throughout this guide, we will answer some questions, clear some doubt around the attribute of price in Google feed. The price attribute is required as the most important attribute or data that needs to be submitted to Google. Even if you are not charging for the product or service, the information needs to be included so that it can be communicated to the customer while publishing the ads.

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9. Product_type in Google Merchant center Feed 


the product_type attribute to include your own product categorization system in your product data. Unlike the google_product_category attribute, you choose which value to include. The values you submit for product_type can be used to organize the bidding and reporting in your Google Ads Shopping campaign.

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10. id in Google Merchant center Feed 


ID value lets the Google software uniquely identify your product and it is a mandatory field to be entered while creating product data feed. One must submit quality data for enhanced customer experience and also for Google feed software to process your product data consistently and reliably. To do that one of the requirements is that the id in Google feed must adhere to some basic requirements, failing which the product data would be declined by Google and a notification regarding the same would be sent to the diagnostics section of your Google merchant account.

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11. Description in Google Merchant center Feed 


the description should be attached to all your products. When customers search through the internet for products and services, they would always need big descriptions to help them choose. When a product doesn’t have the right kind of description, it can shun customers away due to a lack of information. This is a bad sign for customers. This is why every product in the shopping ads of Google from your business should be given a description.

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12. Sale_price in Google Merchant center Feed 


Tell users how much you will charge your product during a sale by using the sale price feature. Your sale price shall be reflected as the current price in ads. When you follow the conditions with the initial pricing and purchase pricing, the original price will be shown along with the selling price to allow customers to see the difference. Mobile supports the ads that show the original price and sale price.

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13. Google_product_category in Google Merchant center Feed 


The feature of data feed is completely optional to use the commodity type. This feature allows Google to recognize the company and to align it with the quest of a future client. With the most precise details and characteristics for each object, the clicking rate in campaigns can also be increased. The more specifically the queries, the more likely the correct results are shown. This enhances both current and expected CTR (click-through rate).

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14. Link in Google Merchant center Feed 


Google merchant focuses on creating shopping ads. Users clicking on these ads will be redirected to a landing page which is designed on your website. The URL to your website must be integrated within the shopping ad. Also, you must ensure that your website's landing page is functionally and ready for traffic.

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15. Title in Google Merchant center Feed 


Yes, Your Product Name has to be the title in Google feed within 150 Characters. This product attribute is very critical, and you must use the best title for your product to make the most of your ad. To do so, deciding the factor due to which people pick the product must be given most preference such as the brand name or the item itself.  Your title is the keyword google uses to promote your product and match you to the customers looking for the same.

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