Automated Reporting 
for Google Ads

Get up to date Google Ads reports daily / weekly or monthly via email.

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Google Ads Data in Reports

Google Ads data is extremely complicated and hard to digest. There are multiple comparison metrics and performance metrics for Google Ads which are hard to find. Even basic metrics like impressions, conversions, cost per conversion can be buried deep inside the buttons. Multiple campaign types in Google Ads also have custom data metric. for eg: Shopping campaigns will have product group and product data specific data and GSP campaigns will have open rates and click through rates specific to email ads. Even if you are familiar with all this data, it is a hard task to go to Google Ads every day, download the report and analyze them.


Automated Performance Reports

AdNabu saves you valuable time by sending you concise reports which have all the relevant data you are looking for in Google Ads. Currently, Google Ads only sends a link to download the reports from and does not provide an easy way to digest the information. Automated emails sent by AdNabu can be configured based on your choice. You can select campaign performance, account performance, Ad Group performance, keyword performance, gclid reports to be emailed to you every day. You can also configure AdNabu to send these emails every day or week or month at a time of your choice.


Google Ads Graphs Via Email

Google Ads data is not easy to digest even in a tabular form. If you want to compare the performance over time graphs would be a better option for visualization. Using AdNabu, customers can send a comparable graph of performance which can be configured to include 3 data types like impressions, clicks, cost, conversions or cost per conversion. For comparison, these graphs can be segmented on a daily or weekly basis and can be shown for multiple time periods like the last 30 days, last month, etc. Our customers also can change the logo that they use to send emails to reflect their own brand.