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The following digital marketing agencies have offices in Massachusetts,United States and are Google partners. These Google Ads agencies are fluent in any one of 43 languages and are specialized in any of Search, Display, Shopping, Mobile or Video. They have special expertise in any of the main industries and can support you in various aspects of Google Ads (AdWords).

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Plum Direct Marketing

Min Spend : $300
It all started with an idea, a seed, a plum. With the inception of Plum Direct Marketing, we have transformed a 5 year nursed idea into a thing. Growing up in both the direct mail and financial planning industries, we have been able to experience the ins and outs of the environment. Our history is built on a thirty-year track record of honest business and integrity in dealing with the insurance and investment industries. We’ve learned what it means to “not reinvent the wheel” and why it’s so important. They say you can’t break the rules until you learn how to play the game. Well we’ve been watching, studying and learning for the past years, and we’re ready to invent our own set of rules. The inception of Plum gave life to the combination of the time-tested foundations of the financial industry with the strong sense of awareness for the changing of times and the innovation needed to stay ahead of the curve. We’re not your average run-of-the-mill cookie cutter Direct Marketing firm. Nowhere else will you find our unparalleled level of expertise married with our industry-breaking sense of ingenuity and innovation in steering tomorrow’s marketing approaches. It is our goal to continue to serve the needs of our clients in a way that sets us apart from the rest. We’re a 99.9% virtual, financial advisor-owned and run, socially conscious company. We envision a world where every human being has the financial and emotional freedom to live life to the fullest. Our all-star team is based out of Dartmouth, Massachusetts. We adore our customers, families, pets, innovation, design and most importantly – each other. We strive to have each person work in their “genius zone” meaning they’re responsible for areas of the business in which they feel they can make the biggest difference. Our mission is to help you kick some major butt and have a damn good time along the way.

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