Introduction to Text ads for eCommerce




In today’s world, running a business is no piece of cake. There is massive competition knocking at your doorstep, with different companies trying their best to be the king on the hill. This competition in the market is one of the major reasons that businesses suffer thus making it difficult to get the message of your products or services out to your potential customers.

Nevertheless, today with modern technology like text advertisements, you can now easily increase your customer penetration and stay ahead of your competitors. How do you do it you say? Well, just think “text ads in Google ads” and you can enhance your sales and be assured of a profitable business. It is one excellent process which is as simple as 1 2 3. It is basically an advertisement that is text-based and uses hyperlinks.

Text ads have flourished in affiliate marketing, but mainstream advertisers are only just discovering their power. Google themselves claim that their clients have seen click-through rates that are more than 4 times higher than the current industry standard, judging by banner ads.

While graphic ads have their benefits, text-based ads have their own set of powerful advantages, not least of which because they download faster and usually filter through the sharp scanners of ad-blocking applications.


Basic text ads on Google Ads are made up of three elements:

  • Headline

  • Description

  • Display URL


Google doesn’t need much introduction. It’s a multinational technology firm specializing in Internet-related services and products, including online advertising systems, search engine, cloud computing, software, and hardware, as you may already understand. With Google’s text ads feature, marketers can utilize text as a marketing communication that advertises your products or services in the Google network.


Why you need text ads in Google ads for your ecommerce business


With competition being either good or bad, it is advisable to successfully create a vigorous presentation of your business in an appropriate manner. As the saying goes “Advertising makes your company money”, and the bottom line is that advertising really works and it is the right way to attract customers. It is a common fact that when consumers set eyes on robust and optimistic shopping ads they are more enthusiastic to buy and prepared to choose your business, products, and services. For this reason, one of the best ways to advertise your business is to utilize text ads in Google Ads.

Below are some benefits of promoting your business through text ads in Google ads, although these just scratch the surface:


  • In order to enhance your business by effectively reaching customers

  • Providing immense information about the business, by providing vital statistics like contact details, location, website info and other necessary data to attract potential customers.

  • To undoubtedly grasp the attention of prospective clientele.

  • Make your business easily understandable and clear to customers or the public.

  • Puts your products across as relevant, attractive, empowering and most specific.

  • In addition, you can customize your ad to specific clients.


Text ads lend a hand to companies to hunt down likely consumers, enhance their marketing reach and generate scores of invaluable sales leads.


How to create text ads in Google ads for your search campaign


The new Google Ads experience is now the exclusive way for most users to manage their accounts. Shown below is the basic and simple way of creating text ads in Google Ads.


Method #1: The Manual way


  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account and click on ‘campaigns’.

  2. Choose a campaign to add the new text ad from the left page menu.

  3. Navigate to the ‘Ads’ tab, click the plus button and then choose ‘Text Ad’.

  4. Select the ad group that your new ad needs to fall under.

  5. In the optional ‘Path’ field, add a final URL, some headline text and a description for your ad.

  6. Use the ‘Ad preview’ feature to view how your ad will look on mobile and desktop browsers.

  7. Once you are satisfied with your new text ad, hit ‘Save ad’.


Do note that before your advertisements are sent out to potential customers, Google Ads will review the formatting and content to ensure it meets their policies and standards.


Method #2: The AdNabu (Automatic) Way


If you cannot commit time, efforts or resources to create and monitoring text ads for your shopping campaigns, considering hiring the services of an expert digital marketing firm. At AdNabu, a quick sign up can make your life easier and increase conversions by up to 30%.


  1. Navigate to the AdNabu homepage.

  2. If you’re registered, click on the ‘Login’ option and enter your dashboard.

  3. In the top left corner, you will be able to see a ‘Start Now’ button.

  4. Click on "Start Now" to start your trial.


During your trial period, you can easily test out the tool, get feedback and help from AdNabu experts and view conversions from shopping and search ads for your e-commerce business increased by more than 30%.


Best Practices for text ads in Google ads for ecommerce


We all know that platforms like Google Ads permits you to grab hold of a searcher’s eye, get them interested in your offer, enticing them to make a purchase. To be more efficient in attracting potential customers, here are a few best practices that one can pursue in making their text ad powerful and strong.


Best Practice #1: Know what your target market wants.


It’s common to see where most businesses come within reach of ad-writing by talking about themselves to impress their clients or customers. This is a natural thing to do but can be counterproductive. Instead, tailoring ads from product categories to what your target market wants by using their search term and keywords will increase leads, conversions and generally drive more relevant traffic to your website.

It is a known fact that customers search for their needs and not because they are inquisitive about your company or website. Therefore, the best way to draw their interest is to show them that you are customer-friendly considering and understanding their tribulations and are able to put it right. Placing yourself in their shoes would be an ideal practice, to begin with before you start writing your ads.


Best Practice #2: Address your audience.


Use the words “you” and “your” in your ads. These words indicate that you’re addressing your audience directly and are making them feel like they matter. It also creates the much-required impression that your ads are targeted at them because your company or a specific product is right for them- either because of what you sell or how you maintain customer relationships. Making the customer feel comfortable and interested will increase footfall on your site generating sales and eventually profits through revenue.

In order to drive more clicks, it is important to tell customers what they can do on your site once they click your ad. Mention special offers and prices that will keep them looking for more. Never complicate the site with complicated data or matter. Make it simple, short and sweet so that the customers will never feel bored while surfing your site. Create a customer-friendly feeling which will prompt the visitor to return and further promote your business through word of mouth inviting more hits.


Best Practice #3: Use emotional triggers to your advantage.


Boring could be the worst thing in an ad, so be careful to make the ad interesting, well put together and not offensive. The ad should be intriguing enough for the viewers to be encouraged and wanting to click on it. It needs to be easy, understandable and the wordings need to be chosen carefully to make the audience feel something. This should not be a hurdle or difficult if you are aware of the needs of your target market.


Best Practice #4: Use ad extensions.


This is a feature that essentially makes an ad box larger than it currently is, allowing a business to add specific information. This could be an address, a phone number or an email ID- an ad extension gives a user more information to perform the required call to action.


Best Practice #5: Monitor your quality score.


This is an estimate Google provides of the quality of ads, keywords and click-throughs your campaign is generating. The higher a quality score, the higher your search ad's chances of appearing in search engine results.


Things to look at while creating text ads in Google ads for an eCommerce store


Writing for Google Ads can be both frustrating and time-consuming because you need to create compelling copy that fits into a small square on top of a search results page. You need to pay close attention to your context to make good decisions and ensure that your ads will not only pop up against relevant search queries, they’ll also entice a user to become a customer.

In addition, there will be other ads that you have to compete with through bids. Google’s stringent policies don’t make things easier, either. The best way to create attractive ads is by considering the actual needs of your customer. You must imagine how your products or services will benefit customers and please their desires.

Here below are a few things to look for when creating text ads in Google ads:


Consideration #1: Designate your geographic area.


By doing this, you can further tailor your ads to show up in front of a specific market. An added hidden advantage of identifying a geographic target area is using their demographics to craft a text ad that’s relevant, using words that they use and the language they’re familiar with.


Consideration #2: Add your keywords.


Keywords are crucial to text ads. Insert high-ranking relevant keywords in an organic manner into your title, description, even destination URL if possible. This not only drives more relevant traffic but it also subconsciously convinces the user that this is the ad they need to click on to find what they’re on the lookout for.


Consideration #3: Craft compelling ad copy and landing page.


Your ad copy and title are what help to create the first impression, so make sure it’s the best impression possible. A compelling text ad with a specific call to action helps you generate a better click-through rate, and this will ultimately result in higher conversion rates. So, the more attractive your text ad is, the more leads are likely to convert to customers.




It is a known fact that placing text ads through Google Shopping and Google Ads is efficient. Although time-consuming and a tad on the costlier side, it is money and time that is well spent as Google Ads tend to deliver. So, in order to broaden your business and get you soaring high reaching your goals and sales, it is wise to create text ads in Google ads.

Businesses must invest time in Google Ads because if you do not, your competitors will, and your delay becomes their advantage. There is much less risk financially when compared to various other advertising options where larger costs are needed upfront. The bottom line is that today text ads are key for e-commerce players big and small to advertise and promote their business. Advertising does pay and to be ahead in the game is the name of the game.