Single Keyword Ad Groups Tool

2018 March 23
Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAG)Tool

What is Single Keyword Ad Groups or SKAG?

 Single Keyword Ad Group or SKAG, in short, is literally what the name suggests, it is an AdWords best practice where each ad group is assigned just one single keyword. Single Keyword AdGroup is a strategy that can help you measure the performance of each and every single keyword individually and bid the exact amount that each click is worth. When creating SKAGs, it is important to note that different match types of a single keyword are treated as different keywords. And all the different match types should be put in separate single keyword ad groups.


Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAG)Tool

Why use Single Keyword Ad Groups?

By having a separate Ad Group for every single keyword, you can create highly targeted ads that are keyword-specific. In addition to the targeted ads, Single Keyword Ad Groups also help in optimization of AdWords campaigns. SKAGs cause a flexible mobile bid adjustment. They also enable advertisers to use Negative Keywords even at Ad Group level to avoid any internal competition that arises due to keyword-cannibalism. Click-through rate of keywords can be improved as they ads are very closely related to the keywords. And with a good click-through rate, the Quality Score of the keywords, and the overall Quality Score of the account will be affected positively. A higher Quality Score can lead to a decrease in the Cost-Per-Click of the keywords, thereby saving a lot of money. Similarly, you achieve a higher Ad Position for a lesser cost as your keywords have a lower Cost-Per-Click. To sum up, all of these benefits will help you beat your competitors by a margin while keeping you ROIs high! At AdNabu, we recommend all our customers to follow the practice of SKAG. SKAG has various other advantages too.


Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAG)Tool

Single Keyword Ad Group Tool

AdNabu's Single Keyword Ad Group Tool creates SKAGs for you automatically. Going through the historical data of your account, the tool identifies all the individual keywords, their long tail variations and also match types. The tool then creates SKAGs for the long tail variations and different match types. SKAG tool also procures approximate data for new keywords that have low historical data from similar keywords, thereby saving your time and effort.

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