Google AdWords A/B Testing Tool

Last Updated On : 2018 March 23

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Why A/B test in Google AdWords?

Most advertisers do not test their ads with new versions or test ineffectively. For eg: adding multiple ads in the same ad group is not the same as doing an A/B test. In an A/B test, Influence of other factors like average position, bid value etc is normalized scientifically. The final result will be an ad which actually work better than the old one.

Typically advertisers gain 20-30% improvement with rigorous A/B testing. The impacted parameters are both Conversion rate as well as Click through rate. The increase in CTR can have compounding effect as it will influence the quality score. Proper A/B testing can be the difference between a top advertiser and a mediocre one.

A/B testing vs Multivariate Testing

AdNabu allows both A/B testing as well as Multivariate testing for our customers. A/B Testing is the simplest test where we check if a new variation of the ad shows improvement over the old one. In Multivariate Testing, multiple parts of the ads are changed and tested.

For ex: both headline 1 and headline 2 can be changed. In this scenario, it takes longer to identify a clear winner.

As a thumb of rule, A/B testing is much faster than Multivariate testing. A/B Testing is better for websites with less traffic as time to complete the test will be shorter. To run a successful Multivariate Test, a high number of clicks is must and hence it is not recommended to run Multivariate test unless you have a lot of clicks in AdWords.

How can you use AdNabu A/B Testing Tool?

Using this tool is very easy by following the steps below. A detailed step by step tutorial is available in AdNabu help center.

What are benefits of using AdNabu A/B Test Tool?