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Last Updated On : 2017 May 22

PPC - Pay per click is commonly associated with marketing on search engines such as Google. With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market. Google AdWords has multiple areas in which an advertiser needs to be knowledgeable to deliver results. When you hear people talk about Pay per Click (PPC) Management, they typically are referring to management of Google AdWords campaigns.

PPC Software for Google AdWords

Today PPC campaigns can be managed efficiently with a PPC software. PPC software usually helps an advertiser in maximizing returns with less effort and time. Following are the few areas an advertiser needs to be proficient to maximize their returns from their PPC campaigns:

It is a time consuming and complex process when it is done for a long list of keywords. The above tasks can be automated by Adnabu PPC software. This also ensures that even while calculating bids of thousands of keywords, Bid optimization will be free of mistakes

As an advertiser, one needs to keep on finding negative keywords and apply them to active campaigns (preferably via shared negative list). This task is tedious as well as time consuming. One has to carefully look at the search query report to find searches which had clicks but no conversions, these keywords are ideal candidates for negative keywords. One can also rely on the Google keyword planner tool to find potential negative keywords . When you do this task manually, you may end up taking few days efforts for just few campaigns.

AdNabu's PPC software helps advertisers by suggesting these negative keywords automatically. We do all the hard work of analyzing search query report, filtering them and identifying poor performers.

Above mentioned tasks are few of the important tasks in improving the performance of your PPC campaigns. PPC software such as AdNabu can help in automating above tasks and improving your productivity. Managing campaigns manually is not only a time consuming activity but is also error prone. Using AdNabu you can avoid these errors and create perfect PPC campaigns