Beginner's Guide On Content Project Management Tool

2018 Oct. 05


You must be wondering about what is Zerys all about. As a Digital Marketer, you must be excited to know about new products. You are at the right place I will be discussing what is Zerys all about and how to create a new project on Zerys. Moving on we will know what exactly is a content marketplace and why do we need a content marketplace and some points to keep in mind.

What is Zerys?

Zerys is a tool for project management which is specially designed for content projects. It is a built-in marketplace of thousands of professional writers. It allows users to manage existing projects, writers in the network, funds, account settings and support.

How To Create A New Project On Zerys?

  • To create a new project you will have to login into your client account and go to My projects and click on Create New Project.

  • It will then asks you to Name the New Project, therefore, you must give a name in such a way that the category you are willing to purchase should match.

  • Next, you will have to Select Type of Content and choose Blog Posts for the same.

  • Finally, you will have to Select a Content Category and then click on Next.

What is A Content Marketplace?

A content marketplace helps you connect with individuals who need content articles to write on which can meet your needs. This takes out the place of an agency as a middleman to help you get the lowest prices directly from professional writers and authors.

Need Of A Content Marketplace

Content creation is an important part of inbound marketing. To be a successful inbound marketer you need to create a website as it is a magnet for potential customers. You have to constantly add contents to your website which will help you to build authority with search engines and it will increase your brand awareness by people visiting your website on a regular basis.

The biggest challenge that companies face these days is that it takes time to constantly write fresh content. Here Content Marketplace comes into existence where it allows you to purchase new content for a very affordable price. It also gives a chance to build a team of freelance writers to whom you can trust for a long-term relationship and you can send them requests for content as your needs arise.

Points To Remember

  • You don’t have to pay for the content till you approve it.

  • You can request for revisions from writers.

  • You should do a final check and edit it by yourself before publishing it.

  • Writers are screened and ranked regularly so if you pay more you get a high-quality content.

  • You shouldn’t depend on a single writer but you should firstly purchase dozens of articles before making a final call to whom you want for a long-term relationship with your company.


You must be cleared about Zerys now and how can you use it if you have really less time for developing contents on your website. I have walked you through all the things you need for adding fresh content to your website if you have really less time.

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