Recent Updates On Yahoo Video Search That You Should Know

2018 Oct. 05

Yahoo Video Search

In this article related to Yahoo Video Search, We will discuss the updates on Yahoo images. 

Giant Brand Video Ads Is Been Tested By Yahoo For Its Search Results

The video ads on Yahoo, viewed on a search for “Lands’ End”, bolster to take over a majority of the screens and is a mute condition on autoplay mode. The ads do not run on smartphones but only appear on the desktop. The video once completed doesn’t collapse, that means the users need to scroll down the screen and click on the actual ad or check for the other search results.

The Visual brand advertising in search space is crazy that even search engine is unable to crack in a purposeful way. Bing and Google both couple of years ago tested big brand banner ads. Google is experimenting with extra visual ads on mobile & smartphones for automotive advertisers, whereas Bing launched image extensions away from beta

Video, after all, is yet to find a foothold in search space. There is a certain belief that both Google & Bing is in preparation to roll out the video in search

The Yahoo video is surely interesting. In Case the execution will oscillate with search users — specifically those with having slower connections — remains to be observed & seen. Yahoo is not commenting particularly on the test, mentioning AdAge, that first spotted the ads, “We’re continuously working hard to develop and test new ways to strengthen our product offering for advertisers, but we don’t have anything to announce at this time.”

Yahoo Rolls Out Search Alerts For Images, Video & Web search

In reference to the Yahoo Search Tumblr blog, Yahoo Search Alerts for Images, Videos, and Web Search launched today. In a similar way, users can receive alerts for Weather, Travel Destinations, News, Stocks, Fantasy Sports and Horoscopes, Yahoo Search Alerts also updates, users email notifications whenever videos, Images or web content are posted online related to a user’s specific topics.

Presently available only in the United States, Yahoo has confirmed and also decided to roll-out the new Search Alerts feature throughout the world

Personalized Photos Of Your Flickr Collection is Now Added To Yahoo Image Search  

Yahoo announced that Flickr photos are now integrated with Yahoo search therefore when you have Flickr photos in your account and you are logged into Yahoo, your photos and photos from your friend will be personalized for image search results by Yahoo search.

Yahoo mentioned, your search will display personalized results from Flickr, along with a selection of your own photos, top public photos on Flickr and images from people you follow. “The photos will only be taken from your Flickr photos if you have images relevant to your search. All this happens If you’re signed to Yahoo account.

On The Right Side Of Search Results, Screen Yahoo search is Testing Images

The New user interface is under testing by Yahoo for its Yahoo search results. Few reports are stating that Yahoo is displaying large & medium images on the right side of the panel of the search results screen for a few queries.


These are few updates from Yahoo to its Yahoo video search users, Hope you enjoyed reading it, You can also check updates of Yahoo Image Search Today

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