All You Need To Know About South Korea’s Search Engine Naver

2018 Sept. 05

As we know Google dominates most of the local markets around the world and also is known as the global search engine but there are places where it struggles to become the leader one such place is South Korea. In South Korea, the leader is Naver which is occupied by 70% of the market. It is larger than Google which is in the US if compared. If you are looking to target South Korea then you might have to forget what you know about SEO for Google as it is not at all the same. We look forward to discuss Naver and the SEO related to Naver.

What is Naver?

Naver is a South Korea’s internet platform which is known as the first internet portal to be developed in Korea and used own search engine. The search results are comprehensive search from various categories and in a single page. It includes services like e-mail, news, and a Q&A platform knowledge. It is referred to as Google of South Korea.

About Naver’s Search Engine Result Page

You must be expecting SERP same as Google’s layout but when you perform a search on Naver it gives you 10 results along with some sponsored ads and you are also given the longest result page in the world of the search engine.

The first part of the result which you see is not the standard organic result instead you will see is always links to paid search results or social media and user-generated content. Followed with are a combination of sources from news, knowledge content, white papers and academic reports, related books and vertical results from images, videos, shopping, and locations. The results which we see are generally from Naver’s own property and archives. After you have scrolled the above results you will see a small part of organic web results only if you are lucky enough.

Merging Of Korean Social and Search

Naver favors its own platform as it emphasizes people’s presence with them whatever the platform is, therefore, we will know about Naver Cafe Pages.

You can build a page on Naver’s cafe for free if you are a registered Naver User. The page is really simple and easy to use as you will see many areas and widgets which you can customize. Companies generally collaborate with influential cafes or cafes who have the practice to build fans and followers through sweepstakes or other coupons. Influential cafes are more likely to perform better and have a better page rank in the SERPs. It would be great to invest some of your time in building a good profile.

Optimising Naver Cafe

Now you must have known that you need to approach Korea’s Users differently. You can start optimizing your Naver Cafe so that you appear above the foot of the page. Optimizing a Naver Cafe is not easy, make sure you have a number of members on your page. You should have a good amount of content and be active on the page as it is really important. Your page should also receive a good number of comments and share which sends a strong signal to Naver which helps your page to rank better.

You should also use your keywords on your page and check on where you place it. Populate your primary keyword as you do it on Facebook or Google+. Keyword density plays an important role in optimizing your content. You can also use media forms such as Videos and images which adds value to your page and will help you to list in SERPs.


You now must have got the knowledge about Naver and how can you list on the search results. I have walked you through Naver’s Search Result Page, how can you create your page on Naver’s cafe which helps you list on SERPs and how can you optimize your Naver’s Cafe page.

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