11 Latest Tips You Should Know For Writing Effective Content

2018 Nov. 20

Writing Checklist

In Online marketing major factor for building website traffic is content marketing and to maintain a writing checklist is imperative and today we will go through 11 tips for writing blogs.

11 Tips for writing blogs

  1. Have compelling Title:
     Ensure to have a compelling title because readers will not read your blog until they are convinced with the Title, More than 50% of the writing should go into determining the Title. The title of the blog represents the problem and the article is the solution. 
  2. Know the Audience to whom you are writing for:
    This is the most important aspect while writing a blog, article or a piece of writing. This helps you identify exactly for whom you are writing for so that you can directly address the need, interests, wants and offer a solution. Knowing your audience gives you a clarity of the knowledge level and you accordingly write.

  3. Keyword Research:
    Fundamentally why do you write a blog or article, it is a tool for getting inside the minds of your prospective customers. What are they thinking about your brands, their behavior of searching online, which all keywords do they search for and then writing effectively is very much easy and possible. Here we are providing the best keyword tool in the world
  4. Make it simple and easy to read:
    Nobody is interested in reading paragraph and paragraphs of content, hence here are a few ways to transform your boring post into an interesting work of art.

    • Possible include images, infographics, and picture as it is easy or readers to understand the concept

    • Divide your content or paragraph into shorter snippets,2-3 few sentence thoughts, and maximum lines in a paragraph should be 5.

    • Usage of subheadings to group similar information (Heading 1, Heading 2. Heading 3, and heading 4..etc)

    • Use italics, bold and underline to highlight key points.

  5. Add Images that are relevant to your content:
    An image speaks louder than words. Add images in your blog posts to convey what your post is all about. It can be used to break up content and provide context to the reader. It can play on the emotions of your reader. Emotion enables better engagement and makes the read the entire blog
  6. Add a freebie to encourage multiple readers:
     Freebie doesn’t mean to give cash back, it is to award the reader and provide a solution for a specific problem. Example: If you wrote a checklist for your bike maintenance, add a printable version of the checklist for your reader for the future reference

  7. Share on other Social Media:
     Share your blog on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more and get multiple readers for your blog. More share is equal to more traffic.
  8. SEO Post:
     Your Ultimate Goal is to make sure the people who are looking for information on your topic should find your post. Use your keyword in your title tag, have a brief description of your post, content structure and finally the solution of the problem. Then submit your post on directories for getting backlinks.  

  9. Link back from the future post:
    Linking your post internally and externally is very much required to get your post on the top of the search engine. More link is equal to more traffic.
  10. Include the Main Blog Image at the start of the blog:
    Start with a bang by having a blog image to interest your readers and build curiosity.

  11. Call to Action:
    Ensure you don’t leave your readers hanging around for getting you. Always ensure to end your post with a call to action button. Example, Include the comment section for your readers, provide a link to a specific post for further reading, enable share button at (CTA)


These are a few points to remember while writing a blog, I personally as a content writer every time follow these points while writing a blog, content or articles. Hope, this article has given you some clarity on how to write a blog.

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