Quality Score: Items which are not a component of Quality Score?

2018 Oct. 29

which of the following items is not a component of quality score?

Today we are going to Discuss Quality Score, Components of Quality Score, Which of the following items is not a component of Quality Score? So let's get started.

What is Quality Score?

Quality score is an approximation of the quality of our ads, keywords and landing pages. If the quality of the ads is higher than even with lower prices we can get better ad positions. We can see our Quality Score in our keywords “Status” column. Higher the relevancy of ads and landing pages to users, higher is the Quality Score. It is generally an aggregated estimate of our overall performance in ad auctions.

Components Of Quality Score

Let’s understand and discuss regarding all the components which are necessary for the quality score.


Keywords are the most important aspect for increasing the quality score. Your keywords in your account will genuinely give you a rating about whether it’s poor or really good as it is determined by Click through rate(CTR).

Ad Text: 

Google sees it as a goal to provide better experiences to the users for Publishers so including keywords in our Ad Text is only one step in that direction to get relevant Ad Text in the search query. If we have poor Ad Text that isn’t getting many clicks or has a low click-through rate then we might be experiencing a lower quality score in return so at that place we see our keyword’s minimum bid increases due to low click-through rate and lower relevance. So, adding relevant keywords to our Ad Text helps it to get more relevant and in return, we can increase the quality score.

Landing Page: 

The most important thing about the landing page is that it has immediate effects on our minimum keyword bids, our keyword-targeted ads position in the content network. Google has defined three components for a quality website. It includes  Relevant and original content (Users should be easily getting what the Ad has promised), Transparency(Building trust with customers), Navigability(Easy navigation on the website for the product user is searching for).

Which of the following items are not a component of Quality Score?

There are various components on which Quality Score doesn’t depend on. I will be listing some of them.

  • The quality score calculation does not depend on geographic signals.

  • The quality score doesn’t depend on the bids of the keyword.

  • The quality score doesn’t depend on the average position of Ads.

  • The quality score doesn’t depend on the conversations or conversation rates.

  • The quality score doesn’t depend on the other keywords in the same Ad Group, campaign or the account.


Hopefully, you must have understood what is quality score all about and what are the components which are not to be included to calculate your quality score.

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