Watch, Know, Learn from 50,000 Educational Videos & 5000 Categories of Directory Today

2018 Oct. 05


The trait of successful people is that they are always learning and are "lifetime learners", Going forward with this idea today I am delighted to share a similar platform where you can learn new subjects from mathematics, science to life skills and the platform is known as

In this article, we will cover History, Content, Team, and Facts of WatchknowLearn. Let's get started. 

History of

A Face of Wikipedia & well-known co-founder Jimmy Wales and Dr. Larry Sanger are the force behind WatchKnowLearn. Dr. Larry Sanger founded another crowd-Sourced encyclopedia project known as Citizendium and also led the development of WatchKnowLearn from the year 2007 to 2010. Foundation of Northwest Mississippi is the community from which WatchKnowLearn gets funded.

Advisory board of WatchKnowLearn includes influential & Reputed Harvard scholars Chris Dede and Lawrence Lessig.

The Content of WatchKnowLearn

WatchKnowLearn has approximately indexed 50,000 educational videos and placed them in over 5,000 categories of a directory. Without any registration videos are available and no fee is charged for teachers in the classroom, as well as guardians, parents, and students at the residence / Home 24/7 can access videos.

Users are provided with the ability to dive into the innovative directory or search for videos by age level and by subject. Descriptions, Video titles, information, age level, and ratings are all edited for usefulness.

WatchknowLearn encourages broad participation in a brand-new kind of wiki system, guided by teachers. It doesn’t host videos by itself - we offer library for links to amazing educational videos that is been evaluated & selected by teachers & educators.

Browsing & Searching On WatchKnowLearn

Searching & Browsing the database of WatchKnowlearn is simple and easy, As mentioned all videos have an age-specific filter and you can limit your search.

The directory is organized with top-level subjects such as Science, Mathematics, History and moreover includes unique category life skills, hobbies etc. While Selecting any of the subjects you get multiple subcategories.


The Website is managed by non-profit St.Charles Place Education Foundation situated in Memphis and is controlled by Walt Henley Ph.D. graduate student from the University of Memphis. A Team of dedicated editors provides oversight of the videos recommended by our distinct user population. All our editors possess a strong determination to provide the highest quality of education to all the users of WatchKnowLearn.

Editors in WatchKnowLearn are educational professionals and teachers who have several years of experience in their own respective fields of interest.

Less Known Facts

  • Approximately 16 Million Videos has been view through a database of WatchknowLearn.

  • Teachers or Educators have the ability to create “classrooms” to maintain & organize video collections particularly in reference to the need of their students.

  • Majority of the videos are in English but Chinese and Spanish language interfaces are being developed and accessible on the website of WatchknowLearn.

To Stay updated & know what’s coming new in the future, Please visit WatchknowLearn News through Facebook and Twitter.


Editors and contributors select amazing videos from several distinct domains including the sites listed as follows:

YouTube, Howcast, Viddler, Vimeo, Hulu, slideboom, Curriki, brightstorm, Citizendium, National Geographic, Google videos, eHow, and many more.


For those who don't want to settle, want to learn new things, especially students and educators WatchknowLearn is an amazing platform that you need to try it today. 

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