Different Methods You Should Know For Succesful Testing Of Campaigns

2018 Oct. 30


As a Digital Marketer, you must know about PPC i.e. Pay Per Click. Wallpaper PPC is all about the methods for Successful Testing of campaigns. I will be talking about the methods which we can use for successful testing of campaigns like search campaigns, display campaigns, and shopping campaigns.

About PPC

PPC is an important component for digital marketing campaigns as it helps to drive a good amount of revenue. It is also the most expensive ongoing costs in a campaign. It is also important that you should test your ads regularly to ensure that conversions don't slip away from your hand. For digital marketers, it is an important part to test and optimize your campaigns.

Methods For Successful Testing

The testing methods depend on what kind of data you have with you and what are you trying to test. There are three types of basic testing methods I will be discussing in the following extract.

  • Draft and Experiments

  • Scheduled A/B tests

  • Before/After tests

Drafts and Experiments

Drafts and Experiments are two distinct testing tools. These testing methods help you propose and test changes for your search campaign.

Drafts help you create a replica image of your campaign through which you can change the elements you want to test. You can change the settings whatever it is possible without disturbing your present campaigns. After you have created a draft you can turn it into an experiment.

Experiments let you measure the results through which you can understand the difference in your changes so that you can apply it to your campaign. After you have completed the Draft setup and converted it into an experiment and you can choose a percentage of traffic you want to run the test on and don’t forget to add a time frame.

By this method, you can test anything you want within your campaign. You can test the structural elements of your campaigns such as Ads, match types or landing pages. It lets you test the influence of bidding variables such as bid amount, strategies(Target CPA, Enhanced CPC) and modifiers(geo-targeting, device, schedule).

This method also helps you to test changes inside features in your campaigns like Ad Extensions or Audience lists. Draft and Experiments are only for Search and Display Network campaigns.

Manually-scheduled A/B tests

There are some cases where we can use manually-scheduled A/B tests where the tests would not run simultaneously but alternately. These tests are helpful where drafts and experiments cannot work as it stops the campaigns from potentially cannibalizing each other.

Manually-scheduled A/B testing works better for things such as search terms where query composition is important, i.e. negative changes and match type changes. It also helps you test the bidding, features, and structures of the Google Shopping Campaigns.

Points to Remember: For using Manual A/B tests, you should create a replica of your campaign, change an element and you should also use the campaign settings to share hours equally between the two.

Before/after tests

Before/after tests are an adaptable type of testing generally used for feed components. For this type of testing, you should have a good control group which will help you to know how much performance is upgraded due to budget or seasonal changes and how much is for the experiment.

Before/after testing is better for the things which are difficult or take some amount of time to change like product titles, prices and images. In this test, you can measure the relational change between your control groups and test. This is the only way through which we can test variables in Google Shopping.


Testing is an important part of good PPC strategy as it allows you to get a great advantage and you can make some campaign improvements.

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