An Insight On VideoSurf And Alternatives

2018 Oct. 01


VideoSurf was one of the innovative and different video search platform which was acquired by Microsoft in the year 2011. We will know about VideoSurf in this article along with the features it had and some of the alternatives of VideoSurf as it doesn’t exist anymore.

What is VideoSurf?

VideoSurf was a computer search engine which processed all the kinds of information as most video services do as well as it used to apply a proprietary process using multi-grid fast computation and heavy computer processing power which analyzed the videos, identified people and extracted all kinds of information from the video itself.

Later in the year, 2011 Microsoft had acquired VideoSurf.

Features Of VideoSurf

There were three areas of innovation which the company focused on. They are listed below.

Visual Search

Users could use keywords to search VideoSurf as the results used to provide a great set of thumbnails which was unique from the normal video search results. Normal video search results are created using unique techniques like scene detection, key frames and more whereas VideoSurf used to analyze the video and identified unique moments in a video and showed users 10 or more those scenes for each result.

Visual Discovery

VideoSurf used to understand who the people are and the way they look like, users were able to see images of different people when they limited their search to an individual. It lets you discover the connections in an easy and intuitive way.

Visual Navigation

VideoSurf used to show users a set of important moments in a video where users were able to quickly skip to any point in the video that they wanted to see instead of using the slider to jump ahead.

Alternatives To VideoSurf

There are some of the alternatives to VideoSurf we can look at. They are listed below.


Dailymotion allows you to share videos, recommend videos to other users, search videos through their search options and more. It is accessible internationally which ensures diverse groups of users getting access to your videos.


Users can upload, tag and share their videos worldwide on YouTube. They can also watch other videos starting from the most recent, discussed and viewed as well as their favorite and top viewed videos.


It encourages filmmakers to showcase their work and users also have a great experience as there are pretty less distracting elements to distract you. It has a weekly limit of 500MB only and can be upgraded till 5GB.


It is a video-sharing platform which has a limit to the time of the video. It has categories such as movies, video games, sports, music, and TV.


This website is for music lover which has millions of videos at your fingertips.


I hope you got a clear view of what was VideoSurf and the features it included. I have discussed some of the alternatives as well which you can use and watch a video or showcase your skills to the whole world.

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