Ultimate Guide to Bing Analytics. How to link Bing Analytics data to your Google Data

2018 Dec. 06


Today we are here to discuss Bing Analytics, How Bing Analytics is different from Google Analytics, How we can view our Bing spent in Google Analytics, we will learn about Bing Analytics API and in future, we will discuss how Bing Webmaster Tools can be useful. So let's get started.

About Bing Analytics

Bing Analytics is the soul for successful search advertisement, and the insights gained through analyzing the data, it allows you to enhance and optimize your campaigns. It helps to communicate the right message to the right customer and make the most out of your advertising budget and gain new opportunity. Bing Analytics Tools helps you in analyzing  the data and improve your search engine optimization by the following ways:

  • Event Tracking: We can add ‘customer tracking’ feature to our website and add it with Bing Ads account to visualize what the customer does after clicking on your ad.
  • Campaign Overview: We can use Bing Ads performance reports to see our campaign’s efficiency and interpret the number.
  • Know about your traffic: It helps to learn more about the traffic coming to your site and understand where to adjust for better ROI.

Once you have an overview of Bing Analytics you can see where the conversions are happening, which will help you effectively optimize your campaign.

Bing Analytics vs Google Analytics

Bing Analytics is a process for publishers to report user activity on their websites to Bing Ads by installing one site-wide tag. Bing Analytics is a prerequisite for marketers to track conversions and do remarketing.

When the Bing Analytics tag has been installed by the publisher on their website, the tag helps in reporting user activity on their website to Bing Ads. Publishers can create a conversion to specify which part of user actions on the website qualify to be noted as conversions.

If Bing Ads finds a match between a conversion goal and the user activity logged by the Bing Analytics tag installed on their website, it counts a conversion. Correspondingly, advertisers can create remarketing lists based on user activity on website and Bing Ads matches the list definitions with Bing Analytics logged user activity to put users into those lists.

Whereas Google Analytics is a website traffic analysis service that provides statistics and analysis of user interaction with the website. It enables publishers to analyze their traffic to optimize and interpret a website’s performance.

How to view Bing spent in Google Analytics

We can use Google Analytics data to track performance and optimize opportunities which is crucial for successful PPC campaigns. Getting Bing data to import into Google Analytics is simple with Bing’s auto-tagging.

Bing campaign spend, however, does not automatically import into Google Analytics. If you are using cost per conversion to analyze performance in Google Analytics, you’ll need to get the spend data to report in Google Analytics as well. In this post, we will go over the steps to make sure Bing data is reporting accurately in Google Analytics and how to simplify reporting on CPA data.

1. Turn On Auto-Tagging

Bing ads add various types of Urchin Tracking Module tags to the chosen URLs of our text ads, keywords, shopping campaigns, Image extensions and site link extensions. Bing Ads adds these following UTM tags: utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_content, utm_term.

Make sure auto-tagging is enabled in your account, go to the Accounts and Billing section. You have to edit account settings as shown to enable auto-tagging


To replace all existing tags, you have to make sure to select that option. If there are manual UTM tags on tracking impressions or Final URLs, Bing will attach the current tags with the below tags if the parameters are missing.

  • utm_source

  • utm_medium

  • utm_campaign

  • utm_content

  • utm_term

2. Set Up Google Analytics Data Import

As Bing cost data doesn’t get reported in Google Analytics we must manually import the data through Google Analytics Data import function which can be accessed in the Admin section of Google Analytics. After selecting to create a new import. For CPA we are interested in importing cost data only.

While selecting the “Cost Data” option in the data set type drop down, it will show up to select a view and name the data import. The import will only exist in whichever view you select in this dropdown.

Next, we will look at the mandatory columns (Date, Medium, and Source) and we will be given the choice to select two additional columns to the import.

After we choose the two keys, the Data Import creation is complete. You should see the new import.

3. Import Your Data

Now that you have a Data Import created, The next step is to import the data. We have to download a campaign report segmented by day to show campaign spend for whatever date range we would like to analyze. The column headers should be matching with the ids listed in the dataset schema.

Common import issues include:

  • Date formatting

  • Missing id column headers

  • Total rows

  • Missing content

Once you have successfully imported the data, Google Analytics will take a few minutes to populate Bing spend.

4. Create A Custom Report

Now that Bing spends, conversions and revenue data are populating in Google Analytics, you can use different reports to analyze data. To simplify the analysis, create a custom report in Google Analytics that can be revisited as needed.

create custom report.JPG

After navigating to the Custom Reports section in Google Analytics, you’ll be prompted with the below screen. This setup will vary based on KPIs. However, only dimensions included in the Data Import can be used in the custom report.

Finally, we have to choose an optional filter to look at a specific campaign type, platform or medium. By choosing regular expression (Regex) in the drop-down, we can include Google and Bing campaigns in this report.

Bing Analytics API

The Bing Analytics Application Programming Interface (API), allows publishers to access their information programmatically. This topic introduces the online documentation and additional resources that support the use of the Bing Analytics API.

The Bing Application Programming Interface (API) Version 2 enables developers to build applications that can:

  • Retrieve information from the Internet

  • Get statistics about a website

  • Get URL information

Retrieve Information

You can use the Bing Webmaster API to retrieve the following types of content:

  • URL Traffic

  • Link Details

  • Rank & Traffic Stats

  • Crawl Stats

How the Documentation is Organized

Bing Analytics API documentation has been organized with the objective to provide a summary, survey, and detailed information for each important area of the API. Thus, the documentation:

starts with the information about what the API does, and what it does that it didn't do before

We proceed to provide relevant knowledge for Protocols, Source Types, and Properties, which concludes with detailed samples explaining all of the above.

Table 1: Where to find information in the Version 2 documentation


Additional Resources

Table 2: Tells about additional resources for information related to the Bing API, Version 2.


Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools are the features provided by the Bing Search Engine which allows publishers to add their websites to the Bing index crawler which offers tools for troubleshooting the crawling and indexing of their website. It also includes sitemap creation, submission and ping tools, website statistics, an alliance of content submission and community resources.


Today we discussed Bing Analytics and how to link bing ads to Google Analytics.

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