A Guide To Know About Important Pages On A Website

2018 Sept. 11

types of web pages

At first, I want to let you know that when it comes to SEO, each page is a landing page. Each page means the page is crawlable and indexable by the search engines. What do you understand by a landing page? It is something which captures the visitor's attention, addresses their needs and requirement. We will talk about types of web pages in this article. These pages are important pages for optimization campaign. Let's discuss what are they.

Home Page

The homepage is the most visited page of any website and the visitor is more attracted if your home page is good. Visitor mind land to your home page first navigate on homepage from any internal pages, they have certain expectations.

The homepage should show what your website has to offer and it should summarize everything that your website contains i.e. products and service you are offering and why should choose you not others for a business.

The best and most sustainable strategy to optimize a home page is to focus on the company’s brand name. It means when you search for the company name the home page of that business should be more relevant than any other page on a competitors website.

You should always consider these questions for your home page.

  • What does the visitor see in the search results?

  • Is it that attractive that compels visitors to click on your website.

  • When they land on your homepage is it giving them reasons to browse through your website further.

About Us Page

It has been proved from the studies that users visiting the 'About Us' page are most probably convert than who don’t. 'About Us' page is important for the conversion process as it drives traffic. It is also important to optimize it where you can have lots of keywords which are for this page. As industry and product related keywords which are qualified for agency, firm, company, business are already ready-made to fit for this page and cannot be fit anywhere else.

Contact Us Page

For customers to reach you easily you need to have a contact us page as they will reach you out through sending you an email or maybe call and know where are you located at. There are people who only want to do business who are locally available, For optimizing your contact us page you need to look for the following

  • You can find keywords searches which people use in your area to get more conversions.

  • You should add map or direction to your contact page as it will be easy for users to locate you.

  • You can also use schema for your address and phone number which really helps.

If there are users visitors visiting your contact us page and you see that you don’t have that many conversions as you expected maybe it’s a sign that you aren’t making it easy for users to find you and your business.

Product Page

Product Page has the vast opportunity for SEO optimization. Product Page is to describe your product and giving a good idea about your product and services your business is offering. The moto is to give visitors the actual product detail pages.

At the SEO product pages is a mine for optimization as the keywords these pages covers aren’t so broad which can lose all value but not so specific that you might lose all search traffic.

Contents play an important role in the conversion process. You can add content to the page without hiding it or the product as it explains all the details about the product and specifications your business in an offering.

FAQ Page

FAQ page is really important as they catch the eye of the visitors. There are many similar questions or queries you might be getting for your business so keeping an FAQ pages helps you and your users with time management as you don’t have to answer the same queries again and again. Users also have a clear idea what steps and guidelines to follow browsing through your page.

Blog Posts Page

All the website has a limited number of pages except the blog so adding a blog page is important as you won’t have the limit to the number of relevant topics you can optimize pages for. Blog posts can explore in depth what your main site cannot and it can be targeted to specific searcher’s need and drive relevant traffic for your website. It also helps in promoting your business as you can add a little text about business in your blogs.


You have learned about all the important pages for your website. It will be an easy task for you now to keep in mind about all the pages you need to include on your website before you start building a website for your business. I have walked you through all the important pages for your website.

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