What Are The Different Types Of SEO?

2018 Nov. 01

Types Of SEO

Today we will talk about SEO and the types of SEO we see on the internet and then we will discuss what are the SEO’s prevailing in the current Market. Let's get started.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) helps to increase the quality and quantity of traffic visiting your website through search engines. By having more traffic, you can get more conversions for your business along enhanced visibility for our customers. Let’s talk about the types of SEO present on the web which will give you a detailed idea about it.

There are three types of SEO present and can be classified as White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, and Grey Hat SEO. Details of the same can be noted from the below extract.

White Hat SEO

The most popular SEO technique is White Hat SEO where one uses methods and techniques to increase the ranking of their website following the guidelines which are set by different search engines. Some of the common techniques which a White Hat SEO uses are they add high-quality content to their website, 

They run campaigns for link acquisition which supports high-quality content, they optimize and restructure the website’s HTML and carry out manual research and outreach. This technique generally lasts long and growth is steady in accordance to your ranking.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is a type of SEO technique which reaches to various problems in the algorithms of search engines to increase website’s ranking. This type of technique is not with the guidelines of search engines. The technique involves keyword stuffing, link spam, hidden text, and link etc. This method generally shows results for a very short period of time including their growth and are prone to high penalization by search engines. 

Grey Hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO is a type of SEO technique which is neither Black nor White. This type of technique doesn’t fully depend on the use of Black Hat SEO whereas combines both Black and White SEO technique. It is generally due to the pressure from the company’s end or the website to get the better results.

Various Types of SEO prevailing in the Market

Businesses to make their online presence adopt various types of SEO techniques however we see the major types of SEO techniques adopted by most of the marketers are On-Page and Off-Page SEO. I will be briefing about them in the below extract:

  • On-Page SEO:
    These are the activities which are done on the page which is to be published that can help them appear higher on the search engine results. This includes inserting keywords in the proper quantity to their content, adding internal links, meta tags, meta description, customizing the URLs. The main focus is to provide users with quality content.

  • Off-Page SEO:
    These are the activities which are done on a page after it is live on the internet. This includes sharing the post, commenting on the post, liking the post on various social media moreover giving ratings to the post and answering queries from customers, and Link building. Also, building a customer base and targeting users also helps.


Hopefully, You have understood what is SEO, various types of SEO techniques used by marketers and about the types of SEO prevailing over the market.

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