Twellow And Other Twitter Directories To Grow Your Business On Twitter

2018 Aug. 30

Twellow - Twitter Directory

Today we are here to discuss what is twellow, what are twitter directories and we will further know about alternative directories like twellow which can help us grow our business.

What is Twellow?

Twellow was known as the “Yellow Page” for Twitter. It was a valuable tool for business owners who wanted to do social media marketing. It allowed users to create a profile, add categories, create your bio and add links.

Twellow doesn’t exist anymore but don’t worry because you came to the right place as I will be briefing you about other Twitter Directories which you can use and will help you grow your business.

What are Twitter Directories?

Twitter Directories are directories to search and find new Twitter users to follow based on your interest. It helps to find new people to connect with who are like your promotion tools which you can target for your Twitter brand.

When you list your brand on Twitter Directories users can find you based on their interest. It is the most efficient way you can get followers.

Now I will be listing some of the Twitter directories which you can go through in the below extract.

More Twitter Directories Like Twellow


It is a Twitter’s directory by Twitter where you can find friends or people whom you are interested in. It shows all the alphabet from which you can browse on.


It is a directory where Twitter users are based on their three given tags. You can list your brand on Twiends based on your tags which will help your followers. It works on coin basis where you earn coins when you follow other Twitter users and you giveaway those coins to gain followers.


It is a service which shows you about your Twitter account statistics once you log in with your account. You can also search users based on tags and also check your world-wide twitter rank.


If you have plans to promote your business on Twitter Localtweeps is a great choice. It helps you to search for Twitter users by geographic region using city names, zip codes or even keywords. This feature of localtweeps is very useful when you want to find people in your area who might attend your event. You can also promote your event on LocalTweeps.


It is the ranking of Twitter. It informs us about how many followers we have, how many people we are following and how many tweets we have done.

How is Twitter Directory helpful for business?

Twitter Directory helps in searching people over Twitter in many ways such as hashtags, username, city names, zip codes or keywords. It helps in targeting users having the same interest as yours. By following users having the same interest you can increase your brand awareness and get conversions out of it. Twitter is the most efficient way you can reach out to people.

Twitter Directories are really helpful when you have to find users with the same interest which can help you in your business. I hope you have understood about Twitter directories and the alternatives of Twellow which you can use to start promoting your business and getting conversions.


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