A Review Guide for Triggers by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

2018 Sept. 05


When I heard about the book I always wanted to read about it as the title of the Book said “Triggers: Creating Behaviour That Lasts-Becoming the Person You Want to Be”, isn’t it something interesting like to know how can you create your own behavior?. I have been a fan of Dr. Marshall Goldsmith as I have already read his previous book “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful” which is also an amazing book.

According to Dr. Goldsmith’s book Triggers, he says:

“A behavioral trigger is any stimulus that influences our behavior. Triggers are not inherently “good” or “bad”. The only thing that matters is our responsibility towards them. And whenever we come in a situation we always have a choice to make.”

Self Reflection and Daily Questions Leads to Behavioral Change

The base of Triggers is the concept of accountability through the questions you are asked daily by a colleague or paid accountable person. These questions are designed in a way to check how you dealt with the triggers that day and what goals are you working towards. You would be able to answer it on a scale of 1-10 or even a yes or no. You should keep a track of your answers which can tell you where you need to improve or areas you need to change.

You should track what “triggers” in both ways positively and negatively to see what is affecting you to meet your goals to make permanent changes as advised by Dr. Goldsmith. By tracking it will help you see what has made you come to that rating to either make a change or keep things as they are going.

The Wheel of Change

There is one more important concept in the book known as the wheel of change. To make changes in your life you should follow this cyclical process:

  • Creating: Who is the new me I always wanted to Create?

  • Preserving: What are the things I want to keep with me?

  • Accepting: What are the things I need to accept in my life?

  • Eliminating: What are the things I need to eliminate in my life?

Once you understand this concept then it will be easy for you to identify the key areas in your life to make the best possible changes. You should ask the questions daily as it will help you understand what are the things you are doing effects what you can accomplish.

When you look for specific patterns when something in your life makes you act negatively that can help you identify what you need to do either to accept it or eliminate.


I enjoyed a lot while reading this amazing book. Now you also must have got an insight about the book from the review I gave about the book in the above extract. I am sure you won’t delay getting yourself “Triggers”. I have talked about the most important aspect of the book. I hope you can now choose what things you really want to change your life or keep to make your life better.

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