All You Should Know About TorrentSpy & Its Alternatives

2018 Sept. 10


What is TorrentSpy and How did it Close.

TorrentSpy was a BitTorrent search engine which indexed torrent files available online and from users who provide those files to downloading and sharing community. It had offered a normal search, advanced search, and directory of available torrents.

TorrentSpy was a very popular and famous BitTorrent indexing website. TorrentSpy provided .torrent files, which powered users to exchange data between one and another.

It also provided a platform to comment on them and integrated the user-driven content site Shoutwire into the front page. In July 2007, there were more than 1 million torrents indexed with thousands of new torrents indexed every day.

The Motion Picture Association of America filed a lawsuit in February 2006 for TorrentSpy aiding of copyright infringement as many torrents on its website which were linking to copyrighted films. In the year 2007 December, the US court ruled against TorrentSpy.

In the Year 2008, March 24 TorrentSpy decided to shut itself down and was also not cooperating with the court

Alternatives to TorrentSpy.

  1. Zoogle

  2. Toorgle

  3. Seedpeer

  4. RARBG

  5. Popcorn Time

  6. The Pirate Bay

  7. 1337x

  8. isoHunt

  9. LimeTorrents

  10. Torrent Downloads

Few Alternatives to TorrentSpy in Detail


LimeTorrents is one of the oldest players in the pirate industry. Having an impressive and enormous database, the website provides multiple numbers of magnet links that can be utilized for your favorite torrent. LimeTorrent operates more like a search engine rather than hosting torrent files.


IsoHunt is a popular torrent website, IsoHunt hosts many torrents from various genres. In 2003, Isohunt had to pay $105 as a settlement after it lost the legal battle against Motion Picture Association of America. It is back by having a different domain name and is still going strong. IsoHunt is one of the best alternatives to TorrentSpy

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time enables you to stream torrents directly, but anyway it downloads the torrent file temporarily on your computer. You can stream your Tv shows, reality shows, and favorite movies. However, you require a very good internet speed for streaming. Popcorn Time uses BitTorrent rules and divides the file into small chunks to ensure smooth streaming.

The Pirate Bay.

The Pirate Bay is the best alternative to TorrentSpy and the leader in the world of Torrentz. Pirate Bay in the past few years has gone through many challenges but then to stands tall till date.


RARBG is among the initial oldest torrent website to be on the world of internet. The best aspect of this site is, it provides genuine reviews of the torrent available, that's because of the enormous following of the website. RARBG comes in third on the list of Torrent world.


Make sure to enable VPN feature, VPN will help you remain safe and secure online and not letting you trace on ISP.

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