Use Structured Snippets & Feature Your Products To Your Customers On Google

2018 Oct. 01

Structured Snippets

In Today's post, we will help you understand what is Google Ads, What are Structured Snippets, Benefits of Structured Snippets, Difference between Callout extensions & Structured Snippets.

What is Google Ads(AdWords)

Google Ads(Adwords) is an advertisement platform from Google which helps businesses to promote brands, content, products, services, websites etc through keyword and help gain traffic & leads. Isn’t it Interesting to know the benefits of Google Ads(AdWords)

Here are a few Benefits:

  • Better Brand Awareness, Relevancy and Cost Effective

  • Efficient & Faster results than SEO

  • Outrank your competitors and many more

I’m Sure now that you have an idea of Google Ads(Adwords) and its benefits, therefore let’s discuss structured snippets in Google Ads

What are Structured Snippets?

Structured Snippets grants advertisers to describe features of a particular product or describe the range of products or services that the business offers to its customers. Structured snippets are subjected to the standard Google Ads(AdWords) policies and the requirements as follows:

  • Symbols and punctuation in structured snippets

  • Structured snippet repetition

  • Promotional text in value

  • Multiple items in the value

  • Brands in structured snippets

  • Amenities in structured snippets

  • Degree Programs in Structured Snippets

  • Courses in Structures snippets

  • Featured hotels in structured snippets

  • Destination in structured snippets

  • Models in structured snippets

  • Insurance coverage in structured snippets

  • Service catalog in structured snippets

  • Neighborhoods in structured snippets

  • Style in structured snippets

  • Shows in structured snippets

  • Types in structured snippets

You can get to know in details about other Google Ad Extensions 

Benefits of structured Snippets

  • Improved ROI ( return of Investment):
    The extra information that gets displayed with your ads may increase your ads’ relevance and CTR ( Click Through rates). This might help you improve your ROI by attracting clicks from visitors who are more fairly to be interested in what you have to offer.

  • Flexibility and Customizability:
    You can include structured snippets in your account, campaign or ad group levels. Mention the dates, days of the week or times of day your structured snippets are eligible to show

  • Help people instantaneously find out more regarding your services and products:
    Structures snippets allow visitors a snap of the nature and range of your products and services before they click on your ad.

Difference Between Callout Extension and Structured Extensions

Callout extensions are used to highlight a single unique aspect of your business, whereas structured snippets are used to highlight a complete range of products or services that your business offers.

Best practices

Note: Ensure to keep these best practices in mind while creating or optimizing structured snippets:
  • Optimize for mobile users:
    Make smaller & shorter snippets to bid customers on-the-go

  • Increase your options:
    Include more than one header-value set. Having several sets of structured snippets provides more options and increases the possibility that a relevant extension will show along with your ad.

  • Give enough information:
    Consider adding at least 4 values per header.

  • Choose the right format:
    Unlike callout extensions, which highlights a single unique aspect of your business in just fewer words, structured snippets shall provide a complete range of products or services that your business offers.


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