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2018 Oct. 25

Snapchat Search

Social media marketing is one of the powerful platforms wherein the reach to your audience is maximum and Snapchat is the buzzing platform for youngsters and if you aren’t on Snapchat, it's obvious that you are missing a great chunk of youngsters for your business.

Today, In this post we will understand what is Snapchat Search, How to Use Search Option, What will you find on a search, an update from Snapchat and Emojis in Snapchat.

Snapchat Search

Snapchat search enables users to find groups, friends, memories, stories related to anything in Snapchat.

How to use Snapchat search Option

Just tap on the search button and start searching! Based on the screen you are on, Search may show different things and will try to show you what’s most relevant and recent to you.

What will you find on search


This feature enables users to find friends, groups of friends and find a new friend’s name to include in your snapchat.

Snap Maps:

This feature enables the user with a preview of the map around you. Click and check if something interests you

Publisher Stories:

Publisher’s and creator’s stories are available here

Our Stories:

Our stories show certain places or special events.

Snapchat allows users to delete sent Message

Snapchat has come up with an amazing feature, which allows users to delete the message from the chat box. Users can delete the message before the message is read by the recipient, you can now prevent a message from being seen by the users.

If the push Notification is switched on from the user, they will get to know that someone has sent them a message, but they won’t get to know the message if it is deleted before they have opened it.

Push Notification in Snapchat does not show the body of the message, Hence there is no possibility to see the message if deleted on time.

To delete the message on snapchat, Just tap and hold the message you want to delete after which select the option to delete the message when the pop up comes up.

You will get the line of texting stating that a message has been deleted.

Note: Make sure to have the latest updated version of snapchat in order to utilize the above feature and moreover both the users should have an updated version. You also need to have better internet connection as it takes time to delete a message from the server as well

Emojis in Snapchat and their description

Gold Star:

 When someone has replayed the person’s snaps in the past 24 hours, They must have something interesting to share new.   

Yellow Heart:

 You and the other person are best friends. Both of You send the most snaps/message to each other

Red Heart:

You have been Best friend with each other for the last two weeks continuously

Pink Hearts:

You have been best friends with each other for the last two months

Face with Sunglasses:

Common best friends whom you share snap with.


You have just become friends with this person

Smirking face:

You are one of their best friends, you don’t consider them as best friends you don’t send them snaps and they send a lot of snaps  

Smiling face:

Another best friend of yours. You send snaps to this person, Not your best friend but is on the list

Grimacing Face:

Your best friend is also their best friend. You send the most snaps to the same person that they do


Your Snapstreak is about to end. Send another snap to keep it active


When you snap back to froth with someone for continuously 100 days this emoji appears


You are on snapstreak! You snapped this person every day, and even he did the same. Increase your number of consecutive days.


To Stay ahead from competitors in social media space, you have to know how the particular social media platform works so that you can leverage from the platform. I believe from the above post, you now have a insight on Instagram search, Hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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