Learn How To Create A Shopzilla.com/ Connexity.com Account Today!

2018 Aug. 24

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In this article, we will explain what is shopzilla.com? How to create an account on Shopzilla? and reasons to advertise on Shopzilla.com. 

Introduction to Shopzilla.com

Note: Shopzilla has been re-branded as  connexity.com.

Shopzilla founded in June 1996 is shopping comparison website, it manages the portfolio of online shopping brands that allows individuals to search & view lists of products offered by different merchants in one website. Shopzilla owns many brands such as Beso, Bizrate, Retrevo, SparDeinGeld as well as series of B2B business including Shopzilla publisher program, Bizrate Insight.

Shopzilla connects shoppers with over 110 Million products from thousands of retailers per month serving retailers & consumers in Germany, UK, US, Canada, and France.

Shopzilla.com Account Setup

Setting up Shopzilla account is very easy and simple, below are the steps as follows:

Step 1:
Go to connexity.com and click on Login tab

At the home page of connexity.com (Formerly known as Shopzilla), Check for Login option on the top right corner of the screen. (Below is the image attached for the reference)

Homepage Shopzilla.com (connexity.com)

Step 2:
Login as Retailer

After logging in, You would come across many Login but you have to register as a retailer for listing your business (Below is the Image attached)

Shopzilla.com (connexity.com.) Login Page

Step 3:

In this step, you get to know two options the first is if you have an account already in connexity(shopzilla.com) and second is to register for those not having an account. Therefore proceed with the second option. (Beneath is an image attached for reference)

Shopzilla Login Page Step

Step 4:
Provide with your Business details

In this step, you will be asked for site details such as Website URL, Website Name, and contact information. (beneath is the image attached for reference)

Shopzilla website details step

Step 5:
Registration Confirmation

After providing the details you are now registered on Connexity (Shopzilla.com) and will reach the thank you page. Connexity representative will get in touch with you within 1 day. (Below is the screenshot attached for your reference)

Shopzilla.com (connexity.com) account registeration

Reasons to Advertise on shopzilla.com

1. Shop by Comparison: 

Customers of shopzilla.com can compare competitors product price, shipping rate etc, therefore if you are promoting special discount, your Ad will attract customers from those who aren’t Advertising on Shopzilla.com

2. Complete product listing: 

Shopzilla.com provides a special feature, wherein retailers can upload all the product in one go.

Note: Make sure to use a product management tool to save ample time from uploading individual products.

3. Overall Store rating:  

Customers rate your store, On basis of 4 areas such as

  • Overall Experience

  • Will you shop again

  • Customer support

  • On time delivery

On basis of rating, your store is rated as Positive, Neutral or Negative. These ratings are shown on Ads when customers do a comparison of products and also helps the customer feel more comfortable buying from your website if rated positively    

4.  Free Customer survey: 

Customers are given the option to rate your store after purchasing from your site, the customer can rate in 4 areas such as

  • Overall Experience

  • Will you shop again

  • Customer support

  • On time delivery

Along with ratings, Customers can leave a comment on their experience, this helps both the retailers and customers. For retailers its how they can improve their product and service offering; For customers, it helps in making a decision through reviews

5. Awarding Excellent service providers: 

Shopzilla.com awards stores with consistent positive ratings, Positive ratings are given based on various parameters such as Product range, ease of finding products which searching for it, On-Time Delivery. This Excellent service provider tag is displayed on your Ad when a customer has clicked on it.


Thanks for reading! Surely now you have better understanding of how to make the best out of Shopzilla.com.

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