A Guide To SEO Services For Small Business

2018 Oct. 31

SEO services for Small Businesses

Today I am going to take you through some SEO services for small business which can help you with optimizing your website and hiring some SEO services firm can be overwhelming for you. Let’s get started.

Best Practices to Follow for better SEO (small businesses)

Researching Keyword

Keyword Research has an important role to play in your SEO Project as keyword research helps you in improving your ranking and traffic from Google, therefore, you should know about which keyword you should target. For your website, you should have one or two unique keywords for each page and enough pages on your website to reach the target for your business. You should analyze your keywords with at least three factors which can be noted from the below extract.

Here we are providing information for keyword tools.

How competitive is the keyword?
For having a good targeting for the keyword, the keyword should have less competition as it will require less time and money for being successful.
How many people search for that keyword?
More the number of people searching for the keyword each month, more the rank based on volume for your keyword search.
How relevant is the keyword for your business?
Keywords which has some commercial meaning would be the best option as users searching for things can land on your page easily.

Creating Pages

Once we are done with our keyword research, the next thing is to create new pages for that keywords. If you don't have a relevant page on your site you don't have a chance of ranking. While creating pages we should keep the following things in our mind.

  • To make is comprehensive it has to be long enough.

  • Each page on your website should have unique contents.

  • You should keep the URLs of your pages simple and close to the root of the domain.

  • You shouldn’t target more than 2 keywords per page.

Optimizing the pages

  • You have to create a keyword relevant and attractive tag for your listing in the search results.

  • Optimizing the anchor text of links on pages can help you.

  • For Google to understand you have to add a notation to your images.       

Building Links

The important thing about link building is the focus on quality and quantity. As we see that getting only the keywords on the page won't help us earn rankings on Google. There would be thousands of other pages on the internet with the same keywords. Google figure out your website’s ranking by counting the quality of links pointing to that page. It sees both internal links which are coming from other pages on your website or external links which comes from other domains.


Hopefully, You have understood how to use the SEO services for small businesses without taking the help of a firm. I have walked you through how to research keywords, creating your page with targeted keywords, optimizing your page and finally building links.

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