Check Whether Your Website Content Is Over Optimized Or Not

2018 Oct. 05

Search Engine Deoptimization

All Businesses needs new customers to fuel growth and cannot rely on existing customers Hence do over optimization of content that leads to Negative SEO and doesn’t come on the top of Search engine results.

This guide will help you understand what is Search engine deoptimization, conditions for why people choose deoptimization.

What is Search engine deoptimization?

Search engine optimization is a technique by which you appear on the top of the search engine results, but whereas search engine deoptimization is the opposite that takes you of from the top of the search engine results.

Search engine deoptimization happens when you do keyword stuffing, Write plagiarised content and overuse of Meta Tags, LSI. In hope that you could  quickly come on the top of search engine results

There is either two condition why business owners or company decide to do Search Engine deoptimization.

  1. You want to close the website for many reasons. Such as the company is bankrupt, closing down the company for personal issues etc.

  2. If you have Over-optimized your website it prevents your audience from showing the value of your content.

Below are few procedures to deoptimize your website for the first condition

  • Keyword Stuffing

  • Plagiarised Content

  • Overuse of Meta Tags, LSI (Latent Semantic Index)

  • Including too many reciprocal links

Let's look at how to check whether the content is Over-optimised and then the procedure to deoptimize content for the second condition

  • Check for the Over-Optimized Content

The initial step is to check for the Over-Optimized Content and then consider few things such as Keyword Stuffing, Plagiarised content, Overuse of Meta Tags, LSI, Non-branded URLs, and High keyword density

Once you have published an article and you don’t see the results even after a long time then check whether you are complying with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and start optimizing

  • Examine your content and Improve your Content Strategy

To examine your content will take a long time as you have to go through piles of content. Instead of that better use tools and make a list of content that has to be fixed and check for keywords that you’ve targeted are not yielding results. Now you have a clear idea of how to go forward.

  • Over-Optimized Article Should be De-Optimized

After competing with the above steps, Reconsider the content that is outdated (suppose the article is no more relevant to the present scenario) better change the content and provide new and informative content

Re-optimize your content: Through Google’s Quality Guidelines. Improve your existing content.

  • Fetch as Google Tool

Evaluate your Improved Content with Fetch as Google tool which shows accurate information for your website and will help move up the SERPs trend and your content will be indexed faster.

  • Evaluate your search visibility growth

Check for your targeted keyword whether it is performing and coming in the top of the search engine and if it is not coming on top of the search engine you need to work hard again analyzing were you are going wrong.

Another Alternative is to evaluate with a tool called rank checker.


In the world of Competition, we tend to overkill our work that leads to complications, However, there are always solutions to overcome these challenges, same things goes with Search engine deoptimization and we believe that this guide has given you clarity.

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