A Guide To Submit Your Website On Scrubtheweb To Get Traffic

2018 Nov. 07

Canva scrubtheweb

Today we are going to talk about a paid web directory ScrubTheWeb on which you can submit your website which can help your business gain high rankings. Let’s get started.

What is ScrubTheWeb?

ScrubTheWeb is a paid web directory which focuses on SEO. It is a high-quality web directory which categories, describes and links to useful websites. It helps your business get high rankings and brings fast and relevant results using the website testing tools they have.

Further, we will learn about the steps which we should follow to submit our website on Scrubtheweb.

Steps by Step Procedure To Submit your website on Scrubtheweb

Step 1: 

You have to Log on to www.scrubtheweb.com.

Step 2: 

You have to search for “Submit Site” option available on the homepage and click on it.
Scrubtheweb front page

Step 3: 

You will see a list of things which you have to fill like your website URL, Title, Description about your website, Keywords, the Main category of the website, Subcategory and your email address.
Listing page- scrubtheweb

Step 4:

 You have to select a payment option from the two given on the website. If you want an Annual Package they will charge you $30  for it and if you want a lifetime subscription you can select to pay $100.

Step 5:

 After completing the above steps click on the “Submit” button.

Step 6: 

You will be redirected to the PayPal website where you need to log in and pay your amount. If you haven’t completed the payment you don’t need to submit your website again. A link for completion of payment will be received from scrubtheweb where you can complete the payment.
After completion of Payment, you will receive a confirmation mail from the team and you are done.

Some of the Other Web Directories

  • SoMuch: It is a web directory where you can find edited links categorized by topics and category. They find quality sites for you which are free from advertisements.

  • VieSearch: Viesearch shows featured sites above the search results. When someone searches for a keyword that is attached to your websites, your website is shown with priority.

  • Directory World: It is a web directory offering premium and free submissions having a different category to offer you.

  • Site promotion Directory: Site Promotion Directory is among the top SEO directory where you can submit your website for promotions and marketing. It covers all the areas of interest.


You can submit your website on the web directories I have mentioned above which will help you gain traffic as it will help you optimize your page in the search engines. Hence, you will be able to get more conversions for your business. I have walked you through Scrubtheweb and other alternatives as well which you can choose from depending on your interest.

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