Know More About Google Maps Feature On Rush Hour Traffic Today

2018 Sept. 17

Google Maps Rush Hour Traffic

Isn’t it wonderful that while traveling you reach your destination before time and if at all the route you choose to travel had a lot of traffic and somebody would have guided you to take an alternative way which was without traffic and you would really be happy for that advice, Right?,  All this now can happen through Google Maps App.

In this article, we will cover the new feature of Google Maps that is “Rush Hour Traffic”

Google Maps Now Calculates and Displays Drive Time At Rush Hour

Google search engine has included a feature to its Google Maps Application that presents a real-time estimated drive time in traffic at rush hour, peak time or when there a misshapen on the route that you are enrouting for.

Google maps are capable of some innovative and mind-blowing things, and that is showcased by its ability to provide a real-time picture of the situation, how busy is a route or business is at any given time. Additionally, Google is developing a similar feature by providing how busy the traffic is on your route by the time of the day.

The new feature provided by Google to its users Google Maps is something that everyone can find value in. While selecting a new destination in the Google Maps App, Maps will provide certain information such as travel time, travel time with traffic, any delays, travel time in multiple modes such as a car, bus, and train. Google added an additional feature that details on traffic.

A new graph displays traffic density, multiple ways to reach a particular destination according to the traffic density throughout the day on the route that you have opted for traveling. This gives you a clear visuals of how the traffic density will be at a given time when compared to what it was a while ago and will remain throughout the day. It really makes a lot of difference for those trying to avoid the manage themselves driving in the rush hour.

This Feature is live and available to all the users, and available on the Android and apple version of Google Maps. To avail and access the latest features of Google Maps, you need to update to latest version for Android it is through Google Play Store and for Apple it is through Apps Store.

Get to know your Google Maps application version.

  • First, open your Google Maps Application

  • On the top left, you will see three horizontal lines, tap on that (Menu)

  • Scroll down and check for settings options and proceed with About, terms & privacy.

  • Your current Maps version is available there

Options available on Google Maps Menu is as follows:

Maps, Satellite, Terrain, Globe, Traffic, Transit, Bicycling, Notifications, Location sharing, Your places, Your contributions, Your timeline, Share or embed map, and print.

Note: Google Maps in India has Launched Two-Wheeler mode for people traveling through bikes or scooter.


Use Google Maps and enjoy the benefits  of it today.

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