All You Need To Know About Google's Display Update For LGBTQI Community

2018 Oct. 25


Google in support of LGBTQI community has changed the view of search engine page result wherein it added a divider between the organic search results and the paid ads. We will know about what is Rainbow Google and when is the Pride Month and know about countries where Pride March has been held. Moving on I will list some of the countries where same-sex marriage is legal.

What is Rainbow Google?

It was a display update by Google for the Pride month where if we conducted a search on Google for gay, lesbian, homosexual, and other searches we saw a change in the search bar. Google supported gay pride by adding a rainbow-colored divider right side of the organic search results. Google also changed the right side of the organic search results for some holidays such as Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah.

What is Pride Month?

Gay Pride is a positive step against violence and discrimination towards gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. It aimed to promote dignity, self-affirmation, increase their visibility as a social group and celebrate sexual diversity as well as gender variance.

It is presently celebrated each year in the month of June in the honor of 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan.

In the month of June Pride parades are held which are (also known as pride marches, pride festivals and pride events) are events which celebrate LGBTI culture and pride. It also demonstrates legal rights like same-sex marriage.

The first pride march was held on June 27, 1970, where Chicago Gay Liberation organized a march.

List Of Countries where Pride March has been Held


  • Mauritius: Held in June 2006

  • South Africa: Held on October 13th, 1990

  • Uganda: Held in August 2012


  • Hong Kong: Held on May 16, 2005

  • India: Held in the year 1999

  • Israel: Held on June 11, 2010

  • Japan: Held in the year 1994

  • Korea: Held in the year 2000

  • Philippines: Held on June 26th, 1994

  • Taiwan: Held on November 1, 2003

  • Vietnam: Held on August 3, 2012


  • Bulgaria: Held in the year 2008

  • Croatia: Held on June 29th, 2002

  • Denmark: Held in the year 1996

  • Finland: Held in the year 1975

  • Germany: Held on June 30th, 1979

  • Greece: Held in the year 2005

  • Greenland: Held in May 2010

  • Iceland: Held in the year 1998

  • Ireland: Held in 2015

  • Italy: Held on April 5, 1972

  • Latvia: Held on July 22, 2005

  • Lithuania: Held in the year 2010

  • Netherlands: Held in the year 1996

  • Poland: Held in the year 2001

  • Portugal: Held in the year 2000

  • Russia: Held in the year 2009 but Moscow court has banned the march for 100 years now.

  • Serbia: Held on June 30th, 2001

  • Slovenia: Held in the year 1984

  • Spain: Held in the year 1979

  • Turkey: Held in 2015 but has been banned afterward.

  • United Kingdom: Held in March 2012

North America

  • Canada: Held in the year 1979

  • United States: Held in the year 1970

  • Mexico: Held in the year 1979


  • Australia: Held in the year 1978

South America

  • Brazil: Held in 1997

  • Argentina: Held in 2011

List Of Country which have Legal Same-Sex Marriage

  • Argentina

  • Australia

  • Austria

  • Belgium

  • Brazil

  • Canada

  • Colombia

  • Costa Rica

  • Denmark

  • Finland

  • France

  • Germany

  • Iceland

  • Ireland

  • Luxembourg

  • Malta

  • Mexico

  • Netherlands

  • New Zealand

  • Norway

  • Portugal

  • South Africa

  • Spain

  • Sweden

  • United Kingdom

  • United States

  • Uruguay

  • India


Google has always stood for something positive as we have seen many changes in the Google’s logo, as well as the move to add a divider in the Pride Month,  was a great support to make the LGBTQI community visible.

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