Learn To Create Promotional Videos and Hubspot Integration

2018 Oct. 10

Promo Slidely

Wondering how to make promotional videos? We are here to help you out. I am here to help you out create your first promotional video. It has been seen in studies videos having higher engagement rates than any other media. I will also be covering how can you use Promo Slidely with Hubspot which will help you cut off the various time and you can grow your business.

What is Promo Slidely?

Promo by Slidely is a software which allows you to build promotional videos with the help of the gallery of video clips, licensed music, and copy. Users can start with their pre-made templates then they can customize videos with their logo and message.

How might marketing teams use this?

It has been shown in the studies that video has higher engagement rates than any other forms of media. It is the best solution for marketers who don’t have a video production team or any help to create videos but they want to produce videos which can increase engagement and awareness, promote their product, and increase website’s traffic.

Use Of Videos

You can use your videos in the HubSpot File Manager on your landing pages, social channels, and blog which will help you to increase engagement and better conversions for your business.

How does Promo integrate with HubSpot?

After you have created a video on Promo you can publish it directly into your HubSpot File Manager. You can use it in landing pages, social media, and blogs.

How To Create Account On Promo by Slidely

  • You have to log in to https://slide.ly/promo

  • Click on “Try For Free”

  • You will have to fill in the details such as your name, email address, and password.

  • And click on Sign Up button to proceed.

  • Or you can sign up through your Facebook account also by clicking on the facebook button available on the sign-up page.

How to integrate HubSpot in Promo

  • You have to create and publish your video Inside of Promo.

  • Once you have published your video, you will be directed to a download page.

  • You will have to Click on the HubSpot logo on the top right corner

  • If you are already logged in to your HubSpot account your video will be automatically be sent to File Manager else you will be redirected to the HubSpot login page where you will have to log in and after login, the video will be added to File Manager.

The integration of HubSpot to Promo will help you save your time by cutting down the download, upload steps where you can spend some more of your time creating good videos for your inbound efforts. Therefore, you can start using the integration and help your business grow with conversions coming in.


I am sure you must be clear about Promo by Slidely which you can use to create your first video. I have also walked you through how can you integrate Hubspot with Promo Slidely.

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