List Of Brands Who Can Reach Men On Pinterest

2018 Sept. 03

Pinterest for men

Pinterest has rolled out the most amazing feature since 2015 known as Promoted Pins which helps in performing better than organic Pins. Advertisers have achieved targets for earned media as Promoted Pins have drawn more engagement for users. As we already know that Pinterest is mostly used by woman as from the survey we have found out that 92% of the pins are made by Woman.

Today we will see some of the brands who reach men on Pinterest as discovered these brands have an increase of 8% in men users. It is also said that men are the website’s fastest growing demographic. Let's learn about what is Pinterest and the brands attracting men.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an online social networking website which allows users to share and discover new interests by posting images and videos to their or other’s board. Users also can browse through what others have pinned.

Pinterest can actually be able to reach male users. Some of the brands have proven that. Let's check out some of them.

List of Brands


If you haven’t heard about the brand Victorinox then that’s the reason it uses Pinterest for. You must have heard of the makers of “The Original Swiss Army Knives”, Victorinox is the manufacturer. The company also sells timepieces and fragrances which are shown on Pinterest. The other boards also include highlights of company event, vintage ads and visual history of the evolution of the Swiss Army Knife.


Harley has around 26 boards that cover topics like New Bikes, Products and allows users to show off their Harleys. Harley’s account manages to cater to female users Pinterest which includes a board which features women riding motorcycles and woman’s Harley.

Sports Illustrated

The sports media franchise is read by over millions of people each day and has over thousands of followers as well. It has 20 boards categorized by specific sports, cover story, news, etc.


It is a home improvement store in North Carolina having over 65 boards on Pinterest focusing on projects for the home such as home decor, ideas for the bathroom or kitchen and gardening ideas. There are some boards which are focused for men giving the idea about grilling, an idea for tailgating and a Gifts From Him for the surprises you want to give.

Art Of Manliness

Art Of Manliness is one of the largest men’s lifestyle websites in the world. The website has more than 15 million page views and approximately 160K daily subscribers. It helps men focusing on becoming the best men they can in all aspects of life.

Maker’s Mark

Another great example of a manly brand which has showered the Pinterest Community. It has around 28 boards which include recipes for cocktails, baking, and grilling. The interesting thing to note is that we can view Bourbon Inspired Wedding and 101 uses of Maker’s Mark Bottle Boards.


Pinterest For Men had some interesting facts which you would have learned about. I have guided you through some of the brands who mainly focus on men as men are the website’s fastest growing demographic

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