A Marketer’s Guide To Periscope Search

2018 Aug. 30

Periscope Search

Wondering what is Periscope?, what are the features of Periscope search?, How to set up and use Periscope and how can we get more followers on Periscope. You came to the right place. Let’s find out.

What is Periscope?

Periscope is an app which lets you share and experience live video streams directly on your smartphone or tablet. You can use this app to capture the atmosphere among the fans of a match, broadcast a news story or even you can experience what it feels like to walk down the streets of a place. 

This app lets users participate with what’s going on in the video as users sending comments to the person sharing the video can respond as soon as possible.

Features Of Periscope

Live Streaming: 

Periscope allows you to live stream videos directly from your phone or tablet.

Interactive Viewing Experience: 

Users apart from just watching live stream videos can interact by sending a heart to the stream they like and can interact with the person streaming the video through the comments or the chat function periscope has to offer.

Maps View: 

Periscope helps you explore videos which are broadcasted in different parts of the world through an interactive map feature. It allows you to search for videos by location and find streams of a particular event which are taking place.


Video Broadcasts are saved for 24 hours from the time it has been broadcasted so users can see it anytime within the 24 hours.

Download Video Stream: 

You can download the video which you have broadcasted to your phone which will help you keep a track.
Twitter Integration: 

As you know Periscope is now owned by Twitter. It allows users to connect with their Twitter followers and notify them about your Periscope broadcasts.

How to Setup and Use Periscope

Now that you know about Periscope. Let’s see how can we create an account with it in order to get better results for our business.

  • You have to Download the app from Play Store if you are an Android user or App Store if you an ios user.

  • Click on Sign Up with phone or you can log in directly through logging in to your Twitter account.

  • You will be asked to Create a Username.

  • Finally! You are done. You can now follow people, Start a broadcast, Watch other people’s broadcasts.

Periscope Search

Periscope has introduced search functionality in the app which allows users to search for videos by its location and if you want to surface videos based on a single topic you can do it in two ways. 

You can search for a topic directly or if you are a broadcaster you can simply add a hashtag to the title of your video which will help to show up under search results for that particular topic.

How to get more followers on Periscope?

Obviously, you want more followers so that your reach to users are more. Here are some ways where you can get more followers.

Follow Other People: 

You can start with following people who are already from the same industry as you are from, as the chance increases that you will eventually start getting followers as they have the same interest. Start watching their broadcasts, commenting on their content which will increase your interactions.

Reply to Comments: 

By replying to the comments you will start interacting with people and they can reach out to you which will help you build trust with users and your business.

Remaining Constant: 

People generally like to follow people who regularly share new things. You can’t expect people to follow you if you are too late in posting new stuff. You can also interact with people by coming live once a week or a month.


I hope you must have got an overall idea about Periscope, its features which can help you start with a periscope for your business. I have also walked you through how can you get followers on periscope and a guide to creating an account.

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