10 Best PayPal Alternatives For Online Payment Option

2018 Aug. 30

PayPal Competitors

Do you have a problem with payments? Or getting a hard time managing your sales or paying your employees. You have come to the right place as I have some of the great websites to tell you about which can help you in a day to day life for payments. Today we are here to know what is PayPal, how it works and some of the competitors of PayPal.

What is Paypal?

Paypal is an electronic payment company which helps in payment between parties through online fund transfer. It allows customers to create an account on its website which is connected to users bank account. It provides a safe environment for payments where payor or payee doesn’t disclose their account details.

We will look at some of the Paypal Competitors in the below extract.

Some Of The Paypal Competitors

Google Wallet: 

It is Google’s payment option which is safe, simple and has rapid transfers system to and from your bank account.


WePay features fraud protection and stellar customer service. Customers can make payments without leaving the website through a virtual terminal. It is focused on the individual’s interest, not about the credit card’s number.


2CheckOut combines a merchant’s account with a payment gateway from which customers can receive PayPal or credit card payments. It also features international payments, recurring billing, and a solid shopping cart.


 Having over 400,000 merchants it is Internet’s most widely used payment gateway. It is also the recipient of Achievement in Customer Excellence for five consecutive years.


Skrill has the features like the free setup, low fees, and sending messages from your bank account. It is a great option for international merchants as we are allowed to transfer money from our account directly to our prepaid debit card instantly.
Intuit: Intuit is great if you are a small business owner who wants financial support. It helps you pay employees, calculate taxes and file tax forms.


ProPay is same as PayPal, as you can send or receive money from anywhere in the world including a built-in shopping cart and recurring billing. E-Commerce like eBay also accepts payment through ProPay.


It has normal features which also accepts payment through PayPal, Google Checkout, Skrill and credit cards with or without a merchants account details. The advanced features include affiliated tracking, powerful reports, and automated sales management. It is one of the leading sales reporting tools where you can easily understand your strategies and sales tactics.


 Dwolla is very similar to PayPal where you can pay or receive payments from your friends at your business place. The uniqueness of this website is about their specialized in bank transfers or Automated Clearing House payments for around more than 5 years.


It's been around 1998 and has tons of easy features to offer. It does everything starting with building your website for your product to optimizing your business. ClickBank is great for online businesses.


As we saw some of the great competitors of PayPal above which can now help you ease with the payment problems you would be facing in day to day life. You can now easily pay your employees, handle taxes, and also keep an eye on your sales.

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