Everything You Need To Know About Google’s Algorithm For Search Engine Page Results

2018 Sept. 11

Panda beat

When we see a change it's not favorable all the time. The same is for when Google launched Panda update to destroy the game of bad content and spammy links. Google heavily penalizes so we should always stay with the tide and keep those penalties away from us. If you want to learn how can you upgrade your content strategy the techniques would be helpful for you which I am going to talk in the below extracts. We will learn about “Panda Beat” meaning the ways to keep ourselves away from the update.

What is Google Panda?

Google Panda was a change in Google’s search engine result algorithm. It was released in the year 2011 which aimed to lower the rank of “low-quality websites” who had a higher page rank. It also helped in returning high-quality websites to its desired position in the search result. When the change happened it almost affected 12 percent of the search results.

How The Algorithm Picks Its Victims?

We already know about the algorithm how it works and how it chooses bad contents to penalize especially low-quality websites from the SERPs. The elements for bad content how it describes are as follows:

Bad User Experience: 

Google works to provide the best possible user experience to its users. Contents which are unengaging and uninformative are known for bad user experience as it fails to provide value.

Less Content: 
Contents can be in all shape and size but writing long contents what helps you get away from panda as it helps users to stay longer and interact moreover it has higher ROI if compared to shorter contents.
Duplicacy of Content: 
Duplicate content results in heavy penalty by Google and getting out from it is really gets tough.
Stuffing Keyword: 
The days of keyword stuffing is still not over as even if you see positive results that would for very less time.
Outdated Content: 
When you write contents on something that has no traffic generated or if it's not used for reference also is known to be outdated content.

Tips to Keep Panda Away From You

I have talked about low-quality contents in the above extract. Now we will know some strategies which will help Google get a better user experience.

Increase Your Content Quality

Panda checks highly for high-quality content. To develop quality contents make sure you check on the list below.

  • Research properly before you write.

  • Try and write about the most trending topics.

  • Try and use examples and illustrations

  • Never forget to format as it is important for user experience

  • After you have finished writing proofread it and edit it where ever necessary.

Always Post Updated and Relevant Contents

One of the most important thing that Panda checks is that you post relevant and useful content. If your website has some outdated information are subjected to Panda Penalties so try and make up-to-date content.

Add supporting help with your content

You can add step-by-step instructions for a particular task, FAQs, Reference material which will help users to stay connected with your content.

Check Your Keyword Density in your Content

When you add the required number of keyword other than just stuffing it in your content helps you a lot as stuffing more keywords in your content will have a chance that Panda penalizes you and makes your page rank low.


You now might be really familiar with the Panda beat which means beating the panda in your content strategy. I have discussed how it picks the victim and some of the ways you can improve your content strategy. You can follow them and plan accordingly to stay away from Google to penalize you.

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