A Brief About Crawler Based Vertical Search Engine That You Need To Know Today

2018 Sept. 10


All business flourish only when there are consistent customers coming to your store, place or website it can either be, new customers or repeated customers and the magic to maintain this is by communicating to your customer on regular basis. Here why Online marketing comes in place and Omgili Crawlers helps you get website traffic, connects your website to various services, hundreds of apps etc

In this article, we will explain what is Omgili, What do you mean by Omgili Bot and How does it crawl your website. Websites that are Crawled by Omgili Bot?Benefits of permitting Omgili to crawl your website

What is Omgili

Omgili (“Oh My God I Love It”) is a vertical search engine that focuses on “many to many” user generated content platforms such as discussion groups, forums, and answer boards.

This crawler-based vertical search engine scans millions of online discussions worldwide in over 1,00,000 boards and forums and is able to differentiate between discussion entities, such as title, topic, answer and post date.

Users can use Omgili to find personal experiences, discussions, debates, consumer opinions, answers, and solutions.

Omgili Ltd is a startup web-based information services company. Omgili Ltd was started in December 2006 and in April 2007 received seed financing from Pitango venture capital.

On December 2011, Buzzilla Ltd A social research company acquired Omgili.

What do you mean by Omgili Bot and How does it crawl your website.

World’s top companies use white-hat web crawlers that are Omgili and get huge traffic on their website.

In a more descriptive way - Omgili bot is a web crawler that used to power Omgili search engine a decade ago. But, Today this omgili bot powers Webhose.io, world’s leading educational, research institutes and media monitors, as well as thousands of coders & developers use this web crawling service.

After indexing your website, Webhose.io is making it possible for services like Sprinklr, Hootsuite, Netbase, and Salesforce. All of these big giants depend on Omgili’s crawled web data- to check and send relevant information in your website, link to it and send traffic your way. It greatly helps these giants from not building their own crawlers.

The Omgili bot crawls your website precisely and is developed and designed to minimize the resources it wants from your infrastructure. Developers dedicate their entire day just to serve you.

Websites that are Crawled by Omgili Bot?

Fundamentally the bot will crawl that comes in the way but is specifically concentrated on the following

  • E-commerce Website

  • Blogs and Blog Sites

  • Feedback & reviews

  • News sites

  • Online discussions and message boards.

If your website comes under these categories, you might come across Omgili bot. It’s friendly, so don’t worry and say hello

The purpose of data that is crawled by Omgili

Once the bot has crawled your website. Webhose.io indexes it and makes it accessible & available through the Webhose.io API, which in turn is used by educational, research organization, companies, thousands of individuals, Defence and government institute that requires to get a better understanding of the web.

Benefits of permitting Omgili to crawl your website

As mentioned before:

  • Omgili Bot connects your website to multiple services, several hundred apps and marketing platform such as Sprinklr & Hootsuite, which can then link back to you, sending you thousands of potential customers to your website.

  • Omgili bot uses minimum resource from the website it crawls

  • Webhose.io is constantly improving omgili and encourages users to give feedback regarding the bot and the way it functions

  • While running Ads on your website, being noticed and linked by the bots increases your attractiveness to advertisers and revenue to your site.


As there is a saying unity is the strength, When unity and sharing collaborate it helps you grow and creates value for yourself and others. Similarly, Omgili connects your website to multiple services, hundred of apps etc and creates value for your business and other businesses as well

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