Latest Tips To Get Public Safety Alerts

2018 Sept. 17
Nixle Alerts

Nixle alerts is all about public safety alert which has partnered with Google for better alerts. You would always want to know more about it. I will be discussing Nixle alerts and how Google Public alerts and Nixle work together for providing better alters to the public. Moving on I will guide you about the ways you can get alerts for safety.

What is Nixle Alert?

Google Public Alerts expanded its service through a new partnership with Nixle. Nixle is a company which contacts some public safety agencies to send alerts through cell phones and social media network.

When someone searches on Google Search or Google Maps in an area, Police, fire, and emergency management team agency alerts appears with an active emergency alert in effect.

How Does Google Public Alerts and Nixle work together?

Google Public Alerts gives information to people about how they should respond to emergency situations. Nixle helps in enabling local response agencies to share information about the emergency situation in the community as soon as possible.

Nixle has both a free as well as a paid premium version available to users. It is used by approximately 6500 police agencies who serve millions of people. According to the CEO of Nixle, only 2% of the people who joined Nixle have subscribed for receiving alerts. Now after the partnership with Google it is expected to go up by 60% of the users for receiving alerts for emergency as billions of searches are performed on Google each month.

How Can You Get Public Safety Alert?

You can get Public Safety Alerts in three Methods. They are listed below.

Using Nixle
  • You can text your Zip Code to Nixle Alert Number “888777”. If you want alerts for different areas as well you can text that area’s zip code to the same number.

  • You can also visit Nixle website where you can sign up filling up the information and select the way you want to be alerted about the emergency. For more details, you can check the image provided below.

Nixle Alert

  • You can browse through the Home Tab where you can find the list of all the alerts you have been sent for each zip code and agency.

  • By clicking on the location tab you can enter zip code for which you want to get alerts for or you can delete the previous zip codes which are already there in your account.

  • Setting tabs allow users to customize which type of alerts they want to receive.

Using an Android Device

The steps to get alerts in your Android is as follows:

  • You need to open Settings App.

  • Now Tap on “More”

  • Search for “Cell Broadcasts” and click on it.

  • You have to enable by checking the box which says “Show Emergency Alerts”.

Now you will be receiving alerts based on the location of your Cell Phones.

Using an iPhone

The steps for getting alerts on an iPhone are as follows:

  • You have to open Settings Application.

  • Now you need to tap on Notifications tab.

  • After that, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

  • Now you need to enable “Emergency Alerts”.

You will start receiving alerts from the government about natural disasters and other emergencies.


Nixle alert is the best way to get emergency alerts for your safety. You should actually create an account on Nixle through which you will start getting alerts if there is an emergency. Moving on I have walked you through what is Nixle alerts and exactly it works with Google for better alert notification and some ways through which you can get alerts.

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