Know How Businesses Are Struggling With Social Media

2018 Sept. 20

Mystery media

It is not a surprising thing that high-level social media traffic focuses on advertising and marketing needs. There are over millions of searches in a month for them and most of them are informational searches. We will know about the mystery media in this article basically an insight based on the data.

The analysis is based on Google Ads data which tells us many businesses are still figuring out everything about Social Media. Let's move on to the insight know about in a clear view.

Insight On Behaviour

The insight on behavior tells us that people are still struggling with social media. The people don’t understand it fully, therefore, they tend to ask questions to sort it out in different ways. Some of the facts related to the behavior are listed below.  

  • Approximately 67K searches are related to asking questions such as what and Why about social media.

  • Around 42K searches are related to the definition of social media.

  • People over 66K search to learn about social media.

  • Monthly 96K searches concern about guides, tips and best practices of social media.

  • About 80K people search for research which is generally reports and trends.

  • 39K monthly searches are about finding statistics.

  • About 59K searches are based on optimizing SEO for social media.

  • Around 94K searches are about managing and how they can monitor their community.

  • There are approximately 148K searches which concern social media strategy and planning.

When we look at the searches for ROI that is only about 15K approximately. This suggests that many businesses are still figuring out what exactly social media is all about.

There are over 57K searches are for Brands. It shows that the industry is maturing. The following is an insight based on market segments.

  • SEO Services- 80K brand searches.

  • Interactive Agencies- 83K brand searches

  • Self Publishing- 100K brand searches

  • Home Improvement- 210K brand searches

  • Restaurant- 1.5M brand searches

  • Family Restaurants- 13M brand searches

We can clearly see Self-publishing, SEO and Interactive Agencies Industries are pretty young and aren’t dominated by some million dollar company. Apart from Twitter and Facebook most of the business couldn’t name a well known social media service provider which means people have to compete for business on the content front.

Some High-Level Categories to Focus On

You might be interested to look for opportunity in the high-level categories. You should start with research on Informational, content and type areas because there are things going on over the internet. You can follow the list for the category below with search numbers.

list of mystry media


You can always review the above-mentioned highlights where you can find opportunity as many businesses still don’t understand much about social media where you can start providing information because if you don’t there are other people who can do it as well. I have walked you through some of the search terms in the highlights as well as mentioned some of the categories where you can work on.

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